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Group Picture which includes the photographer?


Ever noticed your group photos are always missing the photographer? 

We, an early stage startup in Lahore (Pk), have created this amazing iPhone app – groopic – which lets you take group pictures which include the photographer! 

We are currently in beta and have launched the application in a limited number of countries including India. It would be really great if the rodinhoods community can give us feedback on it! 

You can: 
1. Download the app from Apple AppStore:
2. Visit our website:
3. Watch a quick demo of the app at:

You can connect with us at: 
1. Facebook Page:
2. Twitter: @groopicApp

Do tell us what you think! 🙂


The Groopic Team. 


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  1. Gr8 idea, good concept…can make it more user friendly.

  2. I have not tried this app but saw the video, very good concept. Looks promising. Many time while taking the photograph, I felt I should be there in that great picture.

  3. Thank you so much for your reviews Manish and Suhel! 🙂

    Please do check it out on AppStore too! 


  4. Awesome idea! Way to Go man!!

  5. Saw the video. WAY TO GO!

    But what’s you revenue model here? Are you planning to make this a paid app?

  6. Top-of-the-mind Thoughts:

    It cannot be used by 2 guys? 

    4 or more require folks to freeze in position. Slightly difficult, in my opinion. Bigger group photos would be near-impossible.

    So in a way, it may only work for a group of three. I tried a picture with three of us, and sadly the second fellow lost his head and half his being in the process. Clearly I need more practice 🙂 

    Not trying to nit pick – please read the above as a first-time user’s experience 🙂 The 3-member limitation pushes one to think scalability and usage frequency. Would love to see future versions, too. 

  7. Thanks for the feedback Kamal Krishna! 🙂

    The app does work with 2 people (although the toughest scenario), you just have to tap on the other person and take the images from roughly the same location (helps you by showing the last image overlaid on the screen). About 4 or more people, you dont have to freeze – you just have to stand there! Try that, and you will see the magic! :). Have a look at this: One of the picture that was sent by friends. 

    We do understand that it has a bit of a learning curve involved. We are already working on it. I think you should be better after a few tries! 🙂

    Once again, thanks again for your awesome feedback. Keep posting images, we love them! 🙂

  8. Thanks Sujay!

    Yes, we are planning to make it a paid app after the beta testing. 🙂

  9. Thanks! 🙂

  10. Ali… its awesome bro… just make it easy to use… and do provide an android version.. so that i can also lay my hand unto it..

  11. Tried taking group pic with my iphone today…really wonderful and awesome app…My friend was jumping like a kid after seeing the combined pic…..Its like one of things you see and say why no one else thought about it earlier..great idea !!!

  12. Thanks Khizar,

    The android version is under development and we are really working hard to get it to your hands! 🙂 In the meanwhile, do spread the word about the iOS version for now! 🙂

    Thanks once again. 


  13. Thank you so much Ashish. 🙂 

    Do share your feedback and story with us at

    Thanks once again, 


  14. Really great App….Keenly waiting for its Android Version…….:)

  15. Thanks Akhil!

    We are really working hard to get android version in the hands of people soon. In the meanwhile, do spread the word about the iOS version. 🙂


  16. Awesome idea man!!! .. this is something which totally lies upon the lines of core Entrepreneuric Values. I will definitely give it a try

  17. hey ali,

    some “appy news” for you!!!!

    check this out –


  18. Hey Asha

    thanks for informing me! 

    I’m really humbled by the response that we have received the rodinhood community! 🙂


  19. hey ali,

    any updates on your app? do keep us posted!

  20. Hey Asha, 

    We released the app globally in July, going really awesome. 

    And I have to write about it on The Rodinhoods, have to thank everybody for the awesome feedback! 🙂


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