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Guidance and advice for my startup, a quiz and opinion poll website.

I have been spending maximum time online playing games, reading various topics because I am owner of a middle class restaurant who gets lots of time in a day free because there are not many customers throughout other than peak hours.

While I have lot of free time to spend but I can’t move out for some other start up because I am the cashier, manager, storekeeper too. I think most of the people here understand how small establishment works. I was fed up of watching TV and from there I took a laptop and internet connection and got addicted to the internet and thought of creating something online which does not require my physical movement.

I was playing quizzes and polls for fun and rewards and from there I thought of having my own website to run quizzes and polls and I also have assigned the development work to a freelancer from a portal connecting freelancers to us people who don’t have any technical knowledge.

I have been told that my website will be delivered in 15 days and will be developed in PHP.

Rodinhoods I want your advice on how to check that the delivered website is free from any bugs and any and every advice and suggestion for my project.  

Is there any community of quiz enthusiasts or people interested in getting free rewards for free play where I can post my website information so that I can get some early registrations.

And if somebody knows how the websites are distributing these discount coupons to everybody.

What to do to get these coupons distributed by my website too.


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  1. Regarding how to check and track web site development, ask freelancer to deploy/put the code on server, where probably your website will be hosted.And then ask him to demo you features developed on  regular basis.

  2. Thanks Vikram but I know this. I actually needed some sort of tester application to automatically test all the links and functionalities are working or not.

  3. Why you want to do this at MVP stage itself?

    There are many tools which automate the testing process. Most of the propriety test automation software provided by big companies like HP/IBM will not fit the bill. Haven’t came across any efficient open source tool for this.Even if you find one such tool, then you have to find a resource who can write automation test script to run the tool.

    Still you want to explore, then here you go :-

  4. Hi Amar Ji! You got my attention on the middle class restaurant!!

    This is a bit off topic, but where are you based? And what scale is your restaurant ?? I am a passionate foodie whiling to exploit my business and hunger for innovation knowledge into a Restaurant business.

  5. Gurgaon

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