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Guidelines for Blogs and Discussions to be posted on!

Dear Members,

There is an awesome flow of discussion and blog content coming through to the site!

The editorial team comprising Asha and myself have a view that the content on should have a point of view, an insight, an experience that is being shared, an epiphany, a real dilemma… something that makes all of us sit and and wonder or say ‘wow’ or even gasp.

Otherwise, we will be viewing blogs and discussions that are merely links and one line directions to other places.

Just some more thoughts to keep in mind (especially for newcomers, who haven’t figured out how and what to post):

Background: is an intense and engaged community of entrepreneurs, professionals, financiers and other like-minded people who love the spirit of enterprise!

As a community, we expect a basic threshold of content in a discussion or blog so as to be able to comment, share and help the member posting the content!

Some guidelines for contributing content to the site:

– First figure out whether your topic is a Discussion or a Blog! Most often members start a blog without realising that their topic is capable of stirring a meaningful discussion. So if you’ve written on a topic meant to be super interactive, please post under Discussions! 

– State the point or what is it that you are discussing very early.

– Give a deep background of who you are, and what have been your experiences, training, etc (if you are a fresher/student, mention that) so that the community can relate to you!

– Provide meaningful data, reference points, a hypothesis, some examples or case studies that support your discussion/blog and provide food for thought.

– If you are asking for help/feedback, ask pointed questions.

If you are not clear, spend some time on browsing the discussions and blogs. 

This is a great place to start –

If you are thinking of asking for business/startup help:

Please refer to this deck that will help you to shape your discussion better and even help you make a business case! Your content must easily be understood by the community, so that it solicits lots of responses from the community!

If you are asking for advice:

Check out these ‘request for help’ posts that have done well. They will probably help you identify the gaps that are missing in your submission:

Read the most awesome StartUp Story:

An e-comm grouse that woke up people:

These two blog posts made us say wow!


And this thought leadership piece by a new member that blew us away…



Just a few writing and content tips:


Typically, use the default font that appears when you start typing. Personally, we choose Font Size 3 (12pt), because it makes the writing look nice and chunky.


Space paragraphs well – make readability easy!


Please, please use AT LEAST ONE IMAGE in your post! This makes social posting interesting because the photo then gets shown along with the link on social media (like a thumbnail on facebook) and also breaks the monotony of text when being read.


In the end, we all know that it isn’t difficult to write something that’s close to our hearts. It just needs a bit of soul too! So keep posting, yeah?!

Wishing you the best,

Asha Chaudhry – Editor

Alok Kejriwal – Founder



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  2. As a new rodinhood i found it a good read, also appreciate the neat and precise flow of this post.

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