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Halfchess – a chess variation for busy people

Hi Rodinhooders,

I wanted to write about a game I have created and receive your feedback on it. Please play and write to me about “what you did NOT like about the game”. I have made a variation of chess games for mobile chess players. Here is how a Halfchess game in progress looks like.

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Halfchess is played on half of a chess board and is much faster than regular chess. A game lasts one or two minutes for an average chess player.

While challenging your pace on the board, the game also introduces an all-new piece – the crab! Do remember to brush up on the rules and read about the new pieces in the Rules Section on the app.

The game was initially conceived outside of the digital world – as a way to introduce aspiring enthusiasts to the fascinating world of chess. It was created for children and adults both to be able to quickly assemble a board and start playing. While our board may be half the size, the challenges are double than usual. But what makes it more fun is that you can wrap up the game as quickly as you started.

Again let me know things like – (1) when would you play Halfchess? (2) what was a turnoff in Halfchess? etc… And I promise to come back with improvements in this variation and develop more interesting variations of chess.

Luv Naval


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  1. I have another follow up question. For instance, my D1 is usually around 5-6% . But my returning users are about 50% . What does that mean?

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