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Halla Gulla: Kids Edutainment that leaves you HIGH on life!

Kya hai yeh Halla Gulla?

India’s 1st dance along musical edutainment. Think addictive music, signature dance steps, Hinglish lyrics with a sense of humour and production quality that gives Indian kids what they deserve — the best!

What’s the need? 

Indian kids(and parents) are seeking something new….a genre of edutainment that belongs to them, something that’s foot tapping like Bollywood, quirky like the cartoon characters they love and addictive like chocolate.  Stuck between the lakdi ki kaathis, chaar bottle vodkas and poor nursery rhyme animations online, they await a revolution!

Imagine school annual days and kids birthday parties and events, starved of upbeat kid friendly music having something parent-approved, educator approved and child approved to make some shor, seekho more!

Who is the target audience?

Indian kids and kids of Indian origin worldwide aged under 8. Secondary users would be pre-schools.

Who are we?

Advertising and edutainment professionals, now with kids, seeking to bridge a huge need gap. We are joined by a fantastic almost overqualified team of music professionals including ethnomusicologists and music producers and sound engineers. And all content is kid approved before it goes into production. 

(For press reviews of my previous work, click here)

What medium is the content for? Is it free?

It is created for the digital medium. We would prefer it to be available FREE on YouTube or on TV. 

*The video has not been released online yet. Please inbox me if we can synergize in some way, and we can make a video available.

Is the content only music/dance-along videos?

Yes and No. The dance-along videos can stand as a product by themselves. However, there’s a host of segmented videos that teach concepts from pre-school to under 8’s what they would be taught in a boring way in schools. Inclusions are also digital worksheets. We are essentially about fun learning.

Has anyone done this before?

Yes, and with great success! The Wiggles in Australia, who are now a worldwide phenomenon. 

What’s the challenge?

How to convince brands/sponsors to invest it it. What’s in it for them?

Any other ideas from the super smart Rodinhoods to pitch this product experience.

Quiz Question

….someone very important at the Rodinhoods was inspired to dance with his daughter at my Dads & Daughters Rock N Roll class years ago. Look carefully at the picture in the Time Out Mumbai review below. Can you guess who?



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  1. mirabelle – this sounds so so awesome. really wish you were in goa. my 8 eight year old loves music – singing & dancing – really wish she could attend something like this!!

    quick q – have you spoken to someone at youtube?

    i love the branding. is there a separate website for halla gulla? pls link the website and add any of your twitter handles at the end. it would help me promote this post over social 🙂

  2. Thank you Asha. This project is my third baby….truly…. 

    havent spoken to anyone at YouTube. However recently spoke to Amit Agarwal ex head of YouTube Asia who has his own startup, an app for preschool learning soon to be launched.

    Is there someone specific you were thinking to connect with? Alok mentioned that the current Youtube head is into bollywood, comedy , sports and the like.

    are you in Goa?

    You are so dedicated and passionate about what you do. I love that!

  3. amit is a great person to talk to. he should be able to advise you! and yes, alok knows the head of YT now that you mention it 🙂

    pls check out aditi’s webinar here on how to build a successful YT channel – might help –

    yeah i live in goa and run trh from my home 🙂 trh is my second baby :)))

    let’s make some noise about hulla gulla (or is it halla gulla?) about this and get some ideas! we need your third baby to rock!

  4. Thanks girl.

    You live in Goa….yay! Have you connected with Rebecca Manari and Rashmee Jaju. You would love them. You may give my reference.

    Rashmee is an amazing woman who has this awesome blog and Rebecca is author of the awesome book Sticky Like Chikki and Brown like samosas and dosas

    Both homeschool their kids and are very interesting people

    I have a personal twitter account…. let me look into one for hall gulla. The idea is very novel, so not having a lot about it on a website etc… 

    my constraint is the funds to produce the videos. 

    had several offers from MCN’s but were not sensible and completely unrealistic in terms of work for mummies to do, if you know what i mean.

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