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Have you ever failed?

Have you ever failed in your life?

  • Failed in relationship?
  • Failed in partnership?
  • Failed in friendship?
  • Failed in business?
  • Failed in sport?
  • Failed in life?

If yes, do you call these failures?


What about not doing any of these at all?

  • Building a relationship?
  • Developing a partnership?
  • Growing a friendship?
  • Starting a business?
  • Preparing for a sport?
  • Working for a better life?


Failure is not…‘failing’.


Failure is…‘not starting’.


So start something now. Just do it. We need it!


But tell me one thing – Have you ever failed?


Until next time…



P.S. Vishal is the founder of Copywriter In India, a direct response copywriting, content writing, and copywriter coaching initiative. You can reach him at


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  1. nice plot. Liked your elevator-pitch too 🙂

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