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Help Your Employees with Tax Filing at Mytaxcafe

Hi Rodinhooders,

I am Arjit, Founder of

I strongly believe that every Entrepreneur strives to create a better Work Place of Choice and explores various opportunities that enables Employee Happiness.

You would agree that most of the Employees face problems with Tax Savings and Filings, and they often expect easy tax solutions from their companies as in the case of big corporates where they arrange tax filing desk for their employees. Providing access to easy tax filing solutions gives them complete peace of mind that finally contributes to Happy Workplace.

Remember, a study by Harvard Business Review says that Happy Employees have 30% Higher Creativity, 37% Higher Sales & 3X Higher Productivity.

But arranging tax desks by startups for their employees requires time, space and money.

In this regard we ( have a solution which will interest all startups. We can help you in setting up Mytaxcafe Desk for your employees for Free. Mytaxcafe desk is an online tax desk that serves as one stop solution for employees seeking easy tax filing solutions, tax savings tips, free tax planning guides etc.

Home Page of Demo Tax Desk

As an employer, you need not to pay anything as we charge for ITR filing service directly from employees at an agreed preferential rates.

The employees just have to Upload Form 16 and their tax return is prepared instantly. Apart from it they can take the help our expert team of Chartered Accountants for complicated tax returns

We invite all startups to setup online tax desk and help their employees in reducing their stress related to Income Tax & Filings 

Here is the detailed info about Mytaxcafe desk or Visit

About Mytaxcafe Desk
MyTaxCafe Desk is designed for Startups & Corporates that helps them to boost Workplace Productivity by helping their Employees with easy Tax Filing Solution by creating an Online Tax Desk

Why startups should have Mytaxcafe Desk
1. Pleasant Working Environment: Give a message to your employees that you care for them; after all, a pleasant working environment increases the productivity of employees.

2. Save Time & Cost of HR Professionals / Finance Professionals: For any type of personal tax problems, the employees either approach HR professionals or Finance department of the company. When the employees are connected with Mytaxcafe Desk, most of their tax problems get resolved by Mytaxcafe’s tax saving tips, articles, solutions etc. This saves lot of time of HRs & Finance Department.

1. Simple & Intuitive Tax Filing
2. 24 BY 7 Tax Filing
3. 365 Days CA Assistance
4. Access Tax Records Anytime
5. Confidentiality of Data
6. Access Tax Saving Articles
7. Discounted Rates
8. Free Value Added Services

Our Offerings
1. e-Filing of Income Tax Return service to all your employees at a Preferential Price
2. CA Assisted Tax Filing at Discounted Rates
3. Value Added Services like Free Tutorials, Guides and Tools like Income Tax Calculators, Income Tax Refund Status, ITR-V Status, Form 26AS status etc.

How Does It Work

We will create a unique sub-domain for your company that will try to address common tax problems faced by your employees along with many value added features.

The desk will have an option to Upload Form 16 so that the tax return is prepared instantly.

1. Upload Form 16

2. Review the Summary

3. Form 16 Figures Imported into ITR

In order to let your employees enjoy preferential rates for using our service, you can opt for any of the 3 options below. 

Option 1

Share Mytaxcafe Desk Link with your employees / Integrate Mytaxcafe Desk link at your Intranet Portal. 

Option 2
Issue Form 16 with a cover page bearing a link for filing Tax Return at Mytaxcafe. Form 16 will be generated by a software developed by mytaxcafe. Download Free Form16 Signer software here

Option 3
We Will Generate Unique Promo Codes which can be shared with your employees.

Why MyTaxCafe Desk

1. It is Simple, Fast and Easy-to-use

2. Confidential: Mytaxcafe ensures the confidentiality of user’s data. It has strict non-third party data sharing policy and no-spamming policy. MyTaxCafe does not share any data with any type of company for marketing or for any other purpose.

3. is ad-free and provides a user-friendly environment.

4. CA-Help Filing: Get the help of chartered accountants for all types of tax filing at discounted rates.

5. Accurate Calculations: The team of Chartered Accountants and Software Engineers at MyTaxCafe ensures highest level of accuracy in calculating Income Tax and ITR Filing.

6. Authorized E-Return Intermediary: All the Tax Filings will be filed through authorized E-Return Intermediary appointed by the Income Tax Department.

Know Why Tax Payers File with Ease at Mytaxcafe

Benefits of Online Tax Desk over Local Tax Desk

We are confident that on availing our services you will experience your Employees talking about their peace of mind and delight with respect to Income Tax returns, e-filings and Tax savings.

Just mail us at or call at 7309030313 to setup Mytaxcafe Tax Desk

Thanks for your time & Happy Tax Filing Season 🙂


Twiiter : @efile_mytaxcafe


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  1. hey arjit, 

    “employee happiness” indeed!! 

    i think this is a brilliant idea and truly solves a huge problem a lot of people dread dealing with!

    curious to know – how many startups have signed up already? what would the average team size of these startups be?

    all the best! i think you’re solving a real problem 🙂

  2. Hi Asha

    Thanks for your encouraging words.

    About 15 startups have already configured Mytaxcafe Desk  for their employees. The average size of

    The average size of team of these startups is about 20 to 25 members. 

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