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How 3000+ Google Keep records helped track my learnings!

I was 18 years old when I first attempted with startups, it was called Xenon Clothing. We partnered with a factory and sourced customized t-shirts directly to universities, It was a great start! Unfortunately, we shut shop within a year due to tremendous competition.

Customized t-shirts were a commodity!

Although we failed, I was left extremely excited about the world of business. I wanted to learn more, understand every aspect of a business.

That’s when I picked economic times for the first time.

Well, I understood nothing.

Not a single word.

I began to take one article at a time, reading every word carefully. And then, I would go back, spend time learning about these words/concepts in the article that was new to me.

After learning, I did this one thing which turned out to be magical! I took notes on Google Keep. Yes, the note-taking app.

It became a habit. I noted every new concept I learnt, every day for the last 5 years.


Google keep now has over 3000+ time-stamped notes. Notes about business, economics, the stock market, startups, marketing and every new thing which I learnt.

It is an unbelievable experience! To go through a note, the one you wrote 2 years ago about a new lesson you had learnt. But now, with a broader perspective!

Sometimes it is just refreshing the memory, sometimes it is re-learning these concepts and most of the times, understanding them better.

I feel everybody should note down their learnings, their thoughts, their observations and everything that comes to the mind. It’s magical.


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