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How do I get initial customers for our Home Styling (Interior Decor) Venture??

Hi Dear Rodinhoods,

Need ideas and suggestions in this early phase of my startup journey. 

Our venture is into providing Interior Styling services for Residential segment. We have capability to turn any home – existing or new – into a stylized space with minimum investment. This is different from traditional Interior decorators/interior designers. We use the existing elements, and/or add inexpensive elements to a home and provide Styling Services. 

My current challenge is to find initial customers who would be willing to give us assignments. I am happy to provide the services without any service charge (only the cost of materials and actuals to be borne by the clients). 

I am looking for ideas to create a pull for our service and demonstrate our USP.

Have managed to create a website for this and we have our design studio in Bangalore central area. 

How to get our initial 5 customers by way of pull as we dont have much budget to spend on traditional marketing. 


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  1. hi vivek,

    first of all, pls link your website so folks can check you out.

    then pls add your twitter handle at the end.

    we have LOTS of rodinhooders based in b’lore – will share this post – we can get some first “free clients” for you!

    your biz will always rely on word of mouth. 

    you will need to get in touch with builders/real estate brokers – anyone who can give you leads on folks buying new homes! we have rodinhooders in the real estate space as well – use the search – gaurav munjal is there.

    go to furniture fairs.

    partner with furniture sites. (i know, that means you can only buy from them!)

    also read this post – it might give you some ideas!

  2. vivek, i understand that your website is live, which is why you really need to LINK IT on your post to enable people to CLICK & CHECK it out!!

    eg. TheRodinhoods

    also if you add your twitter handle, i can mention it while promoting your post over social media.

  3. Thanks for the feedback Asha. Will try to do it soon 

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