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How should I take that “first step”…?

To Be or Not to Be ?


I was a person with no ambition when in school. My aim in life in school was to somehow get a government job for livelihood and thereafter live a slow and simple life. I often dreamt that I was a school teacher who cycled to work in the morning and returned back in the evening after having an enjoyable and fruitful time with young students at school. At that stage my idea of good life was two cups of tea while reading a couple of newspapers, sitting in the lawn of my house in small town or village under no time pressure whatsoever, in the morning and spending time with friends gossiping in the evening.

On becoming a government servant, in armed forces, I could not lead the life of my dreams because of various job pressures and pressures from my family to do well in my career. The responsibility of my wife and two kids also weighed heavily on me and I  decided that I will live life of my dreams once my kids are settled and I have enough bank balance to retire in peace, as early as possible. During my 23 odd years in service and after as they maturing, I realised that there is more to life than living an aimless life as dreamt by me in my childhood.

Thereafter, I started dreaming to be an entrepreneur or be a Rodinhood. When I shared my dream with my family they thought that I have gone insane and advised to pursue my weird ideas after fulfilling my life responsibilities. So I lived a very frugal life for last 25 years and achieved a satisfactory level of financial stability to enable me and my family to lead a respectable life without working. Against all opposition from my family and friends, I voluntarily retired from my job and now want to fulfil my dream of being a Rodinhood.

I have been home for last one month and I am itching to start something. But I have no concrete ideas. I thought of plying five taxis with Uber but was advised against the same because such an enterprise is totally dependent on drivers and they are likely to hold me to ransom. I thought of starting a bakery but number of bakers have told me that it is very tough business and not worth the effort.

I have thought of starting an online food business but I don’t know how to start the same and also I find the task very daunting . I am finding that taking the “First Step” is very difficult.

I am based at Noida and look forward to your advice or suggestions. I am acting as a lone wolf and also open to the idea of partnership.

I consider myself, well read, and well travelled, hard working with good man management skills.


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  1. hi narinder,

    some immediate suggestions: i) pls go through the jobs section – lots of rodinhooders are looking for co-founders/partners.

    ii) also go through showcase posts on therodinhoods

    iii) make a list of things you’d really like to do 

    iv) make a list of problems you would like to solve. and list pros and cons.

    iv) pls go through these posts – might inspire you!!

    v) then list where you are getting stuck!

    vi) since you are in noida – pls try to join in the next rodinhooders of delhi/ncr meetup – abhik and puneet are great, solid people to bounce ideas with. i will share this post with both of them!

    GOOD LUCK. don’t lose heart!

  2. Start with what you love, pursue what you thought of pursuing in school, college or in the middle of government meetings. 

    It doesn’t need to be a business idea, just start with a blog. Find one thing which you are extremely good at & start doing it. I promise, you can monetize it by integrating business models into it once you execute. 

  3. Hi Narinder,

    Nice to see you here. My suggestions : 

    a) Do not start something just for the heck of starting up. Read the 1st chapter of Rodinhooder Rudrajeet Desai’s book “Breaking out and Making Big

    b) Its easier to build, grow, and sustain in a business which aligns with your passion. So think about what you really like, what is it that you would want to do all your life, and then think of the opportunities that lie in that domain, and hence a business idea. As Alok Sir, mentions in his video here, sleep on it. If it makes you restless, and steals your sleep for 20-25 days, it means that idea is worth pursuing and executing.

    c) Please do not startup, till you are able to ensure that most of your family members are supporting enough. Family support is absolutely essential. An entrepreneurial odyssey is tough to tread, and you do need a lot of support from your near ones.

    d) “Me-too” ideas are plenty, floating around. Do not get attracted, unless you really think that you can add 2X or more value to an existing idea. 

    Keep Thinking Till Something Kicks you from Inside to Start Doing. In the meantime, ensure that you are earning well, to build up your capital for your forthcoming venture.

    Come to the next Delhi Rodinhoods Meetup

  4. I am going to come from the left field as Americans say… There is a remedy called wild oat, among the Bach flower remedies. It clears the mind and allows you to focus on what matters most to you… try it. If you choose anything you are not tuned to, you’ll never make it work. Wanting to be an entrepreneur, and being one at heart, are two different things.

    Any homeopathic store keeps these.

  5. Hi Narinder, I would suggest start looking around you. May be travel for a week or two. Notice whats happening around you. You might find a gap, which has not been filled by any startup till now or even if they have done it, there is still some gap. I haven’t succeeded my self yet, but would suggest not to start anything until you totally believe in it. I have seen many co-founders and employees quitting midway because its very hard journey.

    Best of Luck

  6. Hi Mr. Dahiya,

    Would you be interested in working as a freelance content writer? I can help in this regard.


  7. Hi Asha,

    Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions and encouragement. Your sincere willingness to help a fellow Rodinhood is indeed very heart warming.

    I shall certainly join the Rodinhooders of Delhi / NCR during the next meetup. Hope to see you there.


  8. Dear Saraswat, 

    Thanks a lot for your guidance. It seems to me to be very apt and has set me thinking. It has got me start thinking about things other than money.


  9. Hi Puneet

    Thanks a lot for your guidance. It is going to be a big help to me.

    Please clarify as to how one can earn well after quitting a government job and while on a look out for a start up idea.

    Shall certainly attend the next Delhi Rodinhoods Meetup.


  10. Hi Ashok,

    What is the difference between wanting to be an entrepreneur and being one at heart? How can I find out where do I belong?


  11. Hi Neeraj,

    Thanks lot for your valuable suggestions and all the best for your future venture.


  12. Hi Aalok,

    Seems to a very nice idea. i would love to pursue the same. Reading is my hobby.

    Please help!


  13. Hi Narinder,

    I operate a startup which is into events industry. I am looking for a freelance content writer for the blog section of the website

    If you are interested then please email me



  14. Usually a lot of people coming from corporate culture do have this dilemma as well as they are unsure if they can survive the tough journey of startups.

    I would highly recommend that you spend time with founders working on something that really inspires you.

    Reach out to a few folks and do a short consulting or internship with them. Give a shot to this for at least 3 months. It is important that you choose bootstrapped companies as first choice as that is where a real hardship as well as toughest journey will be. At the end of that, you will probably know if you want to get on your own journey or not.

    At the same time, these months will also give some clarity on which problem you would love to solve yourself.

  15. Dear Mr Pansare,

    Thanks a lot for your very apt and valuable suggestions. I am open to doing a short consulting or internship stint as recommended by you.

    Can you please put me touch with some one in this regard.


  16. Dear Narinder

    I would like to meet you. Please setup appointment with me by sending me a text message at 9811933111 and we will meet for an hour in Gurgaon early morning at 9am over breakfast. This meeting may help you find many answers.


  17. Great mentoring session with Col Narinder Singh Dahiya today. He came all the way from Noida to my office in Gurgaon at 9 am in the morning. I am happy that I was able to help him find some answers and add value. Its a great feeling to serve a fellow Rodinhooder.

  18. Dear Mr Suresh,

    I am grateful to you for sparing your valuable time to guide me (a complete stranger) but a fellow Rodinhooder. The session was of immense value to me. The interaction session has opened my eyes to various opportunities available in the market.

    You made me feel very comfortable during the meeting which enabled me to open my heart to you and clear my doubts.

    Your this act of kindness is well appreciated. Thanks a lot. I shall surely avail of your offer to seek your help and guidance, whenever required, in future.

    Thanks and regards

  19. Hi Jitendra,

    My mails to your mail ID are getting bounced off. Please let me know your working mail ID.



  20. Hi Narinder,

    You can send email to me at, phone: 9619540032.



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