With the big startup wave going – a lot of people want to work with startups. Problem arises as not much external info is visible from outside.

Here is a suggestion list to help you decide/decode basis my observations.

First Things First

1. Why do you want to join a startup as a fresher or a middle/senior professional? If this is not clear, nothing else will make sense

2. Are you ok with the tradeoff of an early stage startup? e.g. sleepless, ambiguity involved etc?

Once above is sorted, you need to think through following 3 key factors – 

Factor 1 – Domain Question

Are you excited about the domain/product area – hard work is easier when you want it 🙂

Factor 2 – Team Question

Do you really like the team i.e. can you socially hangout with them? Do you sense mutual respect? Most importantly the founders and immediate team?

Factor 3 – $$$$

Asking basic questions around how much and source of funds for the salaries to be paid will be useful e.g. investor money banked or customer revenue etc. 

Please share thoughts/comments etc

p.s. This is a good cheat sheet for people interested in kidtech and WhizKidz Media. e.g. We do not care much once we know you love kids – I know we will figure out a way to do something good together!

p.p.s. Depending on the feedback, I will do a post on bad questions to ask when joining a startup 🙂


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