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How to get funding for a project which has a great business potential ?

Hello everyone,

I am a 4th year student at IIIT. My domain is Artificial Intelligence. 
From last two months I have been dedicatedly figuring out things about an amazing project which has a great business potential.The prototype is almost ready.

First I thought whatever expenses the product development part will require I’ll do on my own but eventually I don’t think I can grab that much amount from my family in the name of a project. 
It requires about Rs.20,000.
I really want to develop this product. 

After I get the amount, the product will take maximum 2 months to get fully ready.

Though my ultimate plan is to get into business with this product but as of now I am thinking it of as an individual project.

My question :   
Where do I get funding for my individual project ?
What are other alternatives I can approach ?
Any other advice will be helpful.

Twitter – @RachanaB
inkedIn – Rachana Bagde


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  1. Hi,

    Do mail me details at


  2. If it’s in AI then pl email the concept n we shall fund.

  3. We at Tejasco can help you. Mail me at “” or reach me at +91-9845268205

  4. wow rachana – you seem to have got super lucky!!

  5. Thankyou for taking interest, please check your mail.

  6. Please check you mail. Thanks.

  7. Thanks! Please check your mail.

  8. This is new to me. Let’s see how it goes. 
    Thanks Asha!

  9. Email me the details at

  10. Hi! Rachana,

    You can mail me details at <> or M/S Wellpack Enterprises, 10 / 1008, Embassy Centre, Nariman Point, MUMBAI : 400 021


    Ashish Rao

  11. Hey Rachna,

    If you can send a brief about the project we can think of going ahead. Send a brief concept note at

  12. Hello Rachana

    Pls share your concept to to take it forward 

  13. Pl email me details.

  14. hey rachana,

    alok shared your post on his fb etc. pls check the comments there – pasting some of them here:


    Anirban Saha I might.

    Like · Reply · 2 hrs

    Satyen Sawant

    Satyen Sawant One funding for AI is underway, can look into this aswell. Mail to

  15. Thanks! I will go through them.

  16. Hey Rachana,

    Send me the details on pankajgaikwad [at] gmail dot com. 


  17. Hi please mail the details at

  18. hi Rachna..

    You are on right track…rodinhood is always to help New entrepreneurs…Felt very awesome to your responses from Rodinhooders..

    keep it up

  19. Thanks Manish 🙂 

  20. Hi Rachna,

    Can help on AI based projects. You can reach out on for a brief on the same.



  21. HI Rachana

    can you send me Project details so i can forward it to my network so might come help for you..

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