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How to grow dhandha?

Damn ! Its been a year and not a single new leaf on this bamboo shoot.It still looks the same !

Sunlight – check , Water – check , fertile mud – check 

What then is the problem ?

Watered everyday ? Mud change done every 3 months ?

Eh….Not really , sometimes a skip here and there. Honestly more than sometimes. It doesn’t grow anyways !’

Change scene to one’s own business !

And the same rules apply here as well. A prosperous business needs its foundations to be real strong & deep rooted. And its the disciplined approach to keep doing what you got to do, till you get it !

Here’s an attempt to give the new startup owner , the business owner an insight on back to basics of how to grow dhandha.

Please do share your experiences of your growth journey. Would keep adding to the presentation with credits.

You could reach me @bridginggapsin



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  1. Great

  2. Thanks anish. But a huge thanks to the dearest moderator for being the way she is. Classic.

  3. 10% conversion?! WOW

    I work with 2% 🙂

  4. Sir , same here. This one on a positive high 🙂

  5. great stuff .. simple & practical

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