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How to Inject Some Entrepreneur DNA into Your Bloodstream

One of the myths of the 20th century is that you are born with a set of genes that doesn’t change.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Too lazy to go find the links but the fact is your DNA is in a constant state of flux.  

The genes you were born with are constantly being rearranged as you respond to environmental, mental, physical, and emotional pressures.  Okay, now you biotechs don’t go ballistic on me.  I am using the term DNA/genes interchangeably here.  I have a hazy notion that both are not the same but for the purposes of this discussion we’ll treat it as equivalent.  Okay? Okay.

Alok gave me a very nice comment in one of the threads about wanting to swap out my DNA and inject it into himself and others.  I was going to comment: ‘Oh cool, lets do a proper swap then and you give me some of your million $$ deal closing DNA.’  🙂 

That’s when it hit me.  

Participating on The Rodinhoods is going to do that anyway!  

Sure. Rodinhoods is chaotic.  There is always some squabble or the other goin on in some corner.  Everyone has a point of view and we are ready to defend it to the death. That’s in our genes too: The argumentative Indian.  

And Rodinhoods worst sin?

The categories are nothing like your MBA or business sites.  Counter intuitively that’s also its strength.  You don’t have any way to slot yourself into some stereotype thought process (I will only read marketing related posts). You have to actually get in and get dirty and figure out a rhythm that works for you.  

All good stuff as far as your genes are concerned.  So, jump in, say your piece, get angry, get upset, acknowledge if you fuck up, keep your mind and heart open to learning, and suck out all the DNA from guys like Alok.  You can’t go wrong.  🙂 

Now let me be quick to add the usual rider: just get getting the genes won’t do.  You are not going to magically transform into a millionaire overnight.  You’ll still need to work for it (yuck).  

PS: This might sound like a plug for rodinhoods so let me dispel any doubts on that score: IT IS.  Will do your entrepreneur DNA a world of good.


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