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How to Monetize Fashion Brands Co. through Equity Dilution ?


We are an existing profitable Fashion Brands Company focussed on E commerce sales via 4 key online partners.

We are also now collaborating on a Ladies Private label Brand with 1 of our current Online partners.

The YOY realistic growth projections & profitability are robust for 2015-17 with the partners on both Our Brands & private label business..

I wish to Monetize a part through Equity Dilution by the year end or early 2016 with a twin objective of Funding for next level Growth / Branding as well as increase Shareholder value.

Whats the best way to roll this out and who can be the ideal partner / Investor  – A HNI or VC or A company in similar businesses or the Online partners affiliate companies ?



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  1. Hi Nikhil, here is an alternative thought…If your sales and profitability projections are robust, have you considered bank funding ? With this way, you will not dilute equity and can hold out for better valuations in the future.

    Or you can look at this collateral free loan guarantee scheme by the GoI

  2. Hey Abhik thanks for the inputs.. Our Sales / profits / cash flows are very robust for the year ahead..but Bank funding / free loan by Goi will enable capital for Growth /working capital only & hence is Debt repayable..
    My wish list is to dilute/ monetize primarily to increase shareholder value..



    How about studying these slides and thinking of the valuation of your business? At least some clarity will emerge and you will also be able to explain it better to potential investors?


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