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How to take criticism?


We’ve been following the entire episode of Alok & Rahul Yadav regarding the hoardings of People had their own perceptions.

Here is what Alok said –

Here is what Rahul replied –

Rahul reverted to the queries of Alok as per what they felt about both the hoardings. Re-read the post of Rahul, just by removing two words from the post – “Dumb” & “non-sense”, I felt he conveyed what he wanted to. But those words were not necessary. I don’t want to draw or raise any controversy here, but felt criticism should have been handled well by Housing guys.

I wanted to understand, what are the best possible ways to act when someone criticizes us? How can an entrepreneur handle criticism with out loosing his cool?

It will be great if you can share some of your experiences & how you dealt with it?


Karthik Venkat @_karthikvenkat


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  1. Isn’t Criticism different from Disagreement ? 

    When someone disagrees, they have the right to express, but it would not mean that they are criticising ? Would it ? 

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