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I don’t follow anyone on Twitter. SO??? Why the lectures and preaching??

My twitter id is @rodinhood


If you go to my page, you will notice that I have about 1318 ‘followers’.


In the past 12 hours I have starting receiving tweets from some weird social ‘militants’ asking why I dont follow anyone!!


Review the screen shot for the conversations:

Some dude called ‘Sampad’ sarcastically says for Me –  ‘Cant believe this guy’! He further starts explaining the business model of Twitter (social platform) and why I dont fit in!!


Ankitagaba and Vibhassen take it to a more aggresive level – Ankitagaba says ‘ that’s kind of arrogant’!! (not following anyone)


Kin28 says for me- ‘some people just talk and dont like listening’!!




Who are these people?? Are they my wive(s) demanding to know what I do, where I have been, who have I met, etc etc etc???


This is such appalling social behaviour and spanks of an typical ‘lets use any excuse to criticize’ anybody!!


I can fully appreciate hate tweets for the CONTENT AND CONTEXT of my tweets, but who the F**K! are these people to demand WHY I DONT FOLLOW anyone??


Sampad – Do you do 12 push up’s a day?? No?? WHY????? Do you use toilet paper only?? No?? WHY???


Ankitagaba – you drink beer mixed with coke??? Oh my god, what the hell! WHY?


Kin28 –  You don’t wear sarees to work? WHY??


I am amazed at the preachers we have in the Indian Social Media space and how blatantly they use the medium (instead of sending me a private message) just to get a few retweets!??


My thoughts:


– Most of the ‘followers’ on Twitter are based on QUID PRO QUO – You follow someone and they follow you!! hahaha!! I dont see ANY POINT IN THAT. So the NET number ( followers less following) is the REAL number people who are interested in YOU


– The 1318 people who follow me are probably hypnotized by me or are under some spell…. Maybe the social hitlers above can contact them and make them escape.


– Finally, for the record – I FOLLOW ( the word FOLLOW IS VERY PRECIOUS TO ME) – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Amma (Hugging Saint), Lahiri Mahasaya, Bankey Bihari (Krishna in Vridanvan), Paramhansa Yogananda, Sri Sri Yukteshwar Giri, Babaji, Paramhansa Rama Krishna, Swami Vivekananda, My ‘Baba’ (Ex priest of Cuttack temple), Bhai (follower of Sathya Sai Baba), Guru Nanak, Nirmala Devi, Sadhguru, Osho, Mother Teresa, Deepak Chopra and Mararishi Mahesh Yogi. All of them are NOT on Twitter (except DC with whom I have a different equation) and so I dont follow ANYONE ON twitter!!


Satisfied my dear Social Hooligans?!!


My Twitter link (beware of the hypnotism!!) –!/rodinhood


And for the record – I think Twitter will be MORE VALUABLE than FACEBOOK –


Live update at 1455 pm – I’ve added 10 more followers to my twitter account so far!!




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  1. Haha, No i don’t mix beer and coke 🙂


    However I do agree with Sampad partially that the true potential of twitter can be tapped by following a few people. But again, to each to his own. 


    Arrogant was too extreme a word to use. My apologies 🙂 . And I had no idea all these conversations happened in the last 12 hours. Somewhere I am glad it happened. It spurred up a healthy discussion.


    See you around 🙂

  2. My take on this:

    You follow some one when they add value (or you think they will) to you. No need to follow someone (just for the sake of doing so). Or just to boost their ego.


  3. @alok, Nice reply to all the Social Hooligans.

    Who are these peoples to teach us social media.

    I think these people needs to learn from alok what social media means.

  4. That exactly is the part of the problem. Twitter was nice when we wanted to just share the updates to the followers, without having to follow them. The basic idea was to just share your updates to those who are interested. But then this “courtesy call” came into picture where “I follow you, You follow me back, Would be nice” behavior became the norm. 

       And we are trying to solve this problem :).

  5. Is this Ankita Gaba from Superchooha ?

  6. yup. very much!

  7. Yes it is me.

    And I feel really bad for having used the word arrogant. Apologies again 🙂

  8. Good title..Alok and response too to those guys!!

  9. Alok, I’ve been following this discussion from the beginning and I suppose it’s time someone told you that you are taking this too far. I had discounted this rant as a one-off bad day, but you are definitely enjoying this ego trip.


    So someone asks you why you don’t follow anybody, “Because I’m broadcasting, not interacting” is a fair answer, this page just proves what people say about you. And I have a good reason to believe them now.


    Since you have apparently missed this, here’s a reminder: You have yet to reply to Ankita Gaba’s two replies directed to you. She has apologized, twice, right here. If you had all the time to throw together this pathetic rant, man up and accept her apology.

  10. Dear Mr. Good Manners:

    When someone asks me ‘why don’t you follow’, I will remember to reply as per your instructions.

    When someone calls me ARROGANT, I will reply the way I did.

    Thank you for the lesson in social mannerisms.

    Alok ‘arrogant’ Kejriwal

  11. @Jyoti – thanks.


    And let it be understood that the Site Admin & Chief Editor – PLEASE THROW ME OUT ALSO you think I have exceeded my limits.


    I hope that makes the point of fairness to all…



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