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Identity verification service


I am looking for an Identity verification service to ensure that the businesses that are registering on platform are who they claim they are. Currently we do this manually however since we are now launching in different countries I would like to have this processed by a third party service. Typically they would verify business registration permit of the companies registering on our platform.

I have seen a service Netverify which is in use by, I had to verify my ID by way of passport and my business permits for their verification.

If anyone has used other Identity verification service  please share.




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  1. Hi

    Like to introduce you to a firm which does background verification, we use their service. Venu Ravindran,

    You can mention that Balaji Pasumarthy from Golden Square Business Centre recommended him.

    Hope this is useful.



  2. Can I understand the use case for this verification?

    Is it a legal requirement? Can you provide me one example?

  3. Hi Alok,

    This is not a legal requirement but more of an ease of use for the businesses that register and use our platform.

    As you are aware we offer mystery shopping services in India, Philippines and Singapore. Later this month, we will be launching our online platform, which will enable micro, small and medium businesses to use our platform and conduct mystery shopping services as a self-service model. They will have access to questionnaires relevant to their industry, can search for mystery shoppers who match their target market profile and invite them to join their brands’ (or even their competitors if they choose to) mystery shopping project.

    We also offer a managed service for our enterprise business users. We will be offering this service across the region, and we already have a partner for Africa and Australia.

    As part of the registration process on our platform, we would need the business user to provide KYC documents to know that they own the business or are authorized to act/represent on behalf of the business. A lot of times we deal with franchise business owners who want to evaluate their business using mystery shopping, in addition to the regular mystery shopping visits being done by the brand, which is something we do encourage. Example would be a petrol retail business engaging us to evaluate 100 branches per quarter, this is for the service of the gas station attendants and the retail shop at the gas station. This service is paid for by the head office. However, there are a few proactive dealers (franchisees) of the gas station who want to evaluate their own service monthly to see how their service delivery is. Now, our platform can cater to both types of these business users, but I need both to register so we know who they are in relation to the brands they want to evaluate.

    In the mystery shopping business, several companies also provide something called a competitor mystery shop, to benchmark their own services in comparison to their competitors.  This is also possible in our platform. To the mystery shopper, he/she does not really know who the sponsor of the project is, shopper will not know that Brand A is paying to mystery shop Brand B. All the shopper knows is that there are mystery shopping projects available for Brand A and B. But to keep track of our business users, we need to verify that whoever signs up for our service is truthful in their intention to use our platform, hence the need for verification.

    An online verification service would save time and costs associated with this verification and allow us create a smooth customer experiences for the business user.

    See some screen shots of Netverify. I am still awaiting a quote from Netverify and wanted to know if anyone has used similar services to compare on prices and features.



  4. Hi Balaji,

    I am not looking for a background verification service.  I need something that is online



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