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ImpactRun – Adding meaning to your daily jogs and walks.

What is ImpactRun?

ImpactRun is a fitness app where your runs raise funds for social causes of your choice.

What does it have?

There is a list of causes you could wish to run (or walk) for. You choose any one and begin your daily jog or walk.

ImpactRun counts your distance, speed and the time you ran and calculates your impact for the chosen cause, i.e. money raised in Rupees as your support for the cause.

Once done, you can share your run and your social contribution with your friends and family!

You can also check your previous runs in the history section.

We’ll soon come out with a calorie counter, fitness stats as features and add more causes for you to run for.

Why is it needed?

A society is defined by the habits of its people. What better, than to promote fitness along with having a social contribution at the same time.

We are creating a global community of everyday change-makers and ImpactRun is the first step. 

How is it different?

Our two strongest differentiators are the amazing accuracy of our product and the social impact our users are creating. 

We have put three extra algorithms in the app which ensures that it is twice as accurate that all existing fitness apps. Also, we plan to open-source our algo for the world once the final tweaks are made 🙂


How is it priced?

It is a free app for users. Forever.

We partner with corporates who sponsor our cause campaigns and hence your runs too, via their CSR budgets. We create reports, maintain Due-D and ensure effective fund utilisation for which we take a campaign management fee from them.

Our Belief – A better world faster

To know what we stand for, you can check our Website out. Also, do join our community by downloading ImpactRun and start doing good for the world. From today. One step after another.

Now is the time.


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  1. hi ishan,

    very interesting concept! i love ideas that club something to give back!

    which causes are you associated with? and how does it work? are you saying if i use a nike product – shoes or fitness gear or have their app (since they’re not into wearables), they then contribute the monies to that cause?

    i actually googled this 🙂 –

    is your app compatible with ANY wearable device? or you’re signed up with a few brands?

    pls do share more details for all of us to understand how this really works. 

    ps: the question most people ask – how are you gonna make money from the app (since it’s about raising funds for social causes)

  2. Hi Ishan.

    The idea is damn interesting. I would use it. I can see CSR teams using it. You can even get into company specific focus where a company can ask its employees to download the app and run for their own cause.

    For ex: I saw one drought campaign on your page and being from the beer industry before, a water guzzling industry, i can imagine HRs using this with all employees to do their bit in supporting a cause related to water.

    below are some specific feedback

    1. Website:

    The concept of running is nowhere clear till i reach almost the footer. The top 80% is more of a social message and i wouldn’t exactly know what the app is about if i were to go only through the website. I would suggest to put the message right up there.

    2. User group: is it a person who likes running or jogging and doesn’t mind doing something good, while at it or a person who wants to do some good and hence is running or jogging and using your app? My sense is that it is the former and for them i think the communication needs to be more about running and doing good rather than do something good, hence, run.

    3. Integrations: Adding to Asha’s query on wearables, is it possible integrating apps Nike plus or runkeeper etc? the reason is, as a user, i have a history of using those apps even when i am going to the shop nearby and i wouldn’t want to miss out on increasing my miles there.

    4. Since it was half an hour past midnight, i tried going around and around my sofa for sometime, but somehow .1 km did not get captured. the same was captured with Nike running at the same time. attaching jpegs for your reference. is there anything i am missing out?

  3. hey arun,

    really loved the way you’ve taken pains to understand impactrun and share such a detailed feedback! kudos to you and big karma points your way!!

    whenever you have a breather pls do check out other showcase posts on trh!!

    keep rocking!

  4. Hi Asha,

    No pain at all!

    I would love to give such feedback for every post and will start doing so.

    I love being a consumer 🙂


    Arun Rafi

  5. Hi Asha,

    We are associated with Naam Foundation (drought affected farmers), Think Foundation (Thalassemia – a blood disorder), Avanti Fellows (higher education for underprivileged), Feeding India (solving hunger in India), UnCancer India ( a cancer survivors community to help cancer patients). We create campaigns with them which have a tangible means of Impact – eg. Farmers helped, kids fed, litres of blood collected and so on.

    We haven’t tied strategically with any other fitness apps. This is because of our medium term plan to become a socially active fitness brand ourselves.

    We might foray into making fitness wearable, smarter and more accurate than those available today.

    We raise funds from our corporate partners and through our product, convert their CSR spends into a unique branding/marketing opportunity. We also create cause campaigns and execute them with our partners. Hence we act as a CSR consultancy + marketing partner for them. For which we charge from them per unique user / eyeball / run.

    That’s how we make money. But the more important question is what we aim to do with our money made (our profits).

    ImpactRun is our first product. A part of a grander vision called ‘Green Freedom’ under which we aim to solve human empathy, intracity transportation, drought and personal flight – through our lives. 

    We believe in creating impact for our future generations to benefit from and not just making money for ourselves today.

    Thanks and Regards,


  6. That’s some great suggestions. We will definitely incorporate some of them. 

    1. Website – Our word-of-mouth as well as social media content promotes only fitness. Hence we wanted to showcase the social message on our website. But yes, got your point. We’ll edit the website to throw some fitness into light too!

    2. The first target segment is definitely the former, as it is easy to target and requires a small behaviour change from the user. Though the long term plan asks for both the segments, though getting non runners to run is an amazingly tough task ( realised that since the last 5 months)

    3. We would definitely be integrating and strategically partnering with the top fitness apps. But Now is not the time for that. That comes later.

    4. Our app works only for outdoor jogs (we are going to mention it while onboarding a user). GPS does not work accurately indoors. Nike might be using your steps and must have optimised on your distance per step; If it is working with only GPS indoors – I believe the distance measured would be quite inaccurate.

    Speaking of accuracy, we have created our in-house accuracy algorithms which ensure 3 times more accuracy than any other app today. We would be open-sourcing it soon for the whole world to enjoy.

  7. Great! 3 times more accurate than any app is impressive!

    Will try it for a jog and let you know how it was. Thanks. All the best.

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