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Indian Wedding Outfit Generator

Hi Rodinhooders,


I am the CEO and Founder of Strand of Silk, an International luxury e-commerce fashion retailer, which aims to introduce Indian clothing to a western audience. We have recently developed an outfit generator that helps people select the most appropriate outfit for an Indian wedding, depending on their role in the wedding and event(s) they are attending.


We decided to create this page because we noticed that an increasing number of customers were asking us for advice on appropriate attire for Indian weddings. We know that a lot of people, including Indians, usually look for inspiration and ideas for what to wear to an Indian wedding, as the many outfit changes required can be overwhelming. This together with varying dress codes for each ceremony can make shopping for an Indian wedding drawn out and stressful. Our goal is to provide a resource that will make the process of choosing your Indian wedding outfit(s) quicker and easier! 


How does it work?




First you select who you are (female guest, male guest, family of couple, bridesmaid) and the ceremony you are attending (engagement, haldi, sangeet, mehendi, baraat, wedding, reception).




 Based on your selection, you will get recommendations around the type of outfits you should and shouldn’t wear to an Indian wedding. You’ll also find two lookbooks with example of outfits, jewellery and accessories. Finally, below this are three related blog posts, which give you further information relating to the wedding ceremonies.




Who is it for?


Choosing what to wear for an Indian wedding can be overwhelming, not least because there can be up to seven different events that all require different types of outfits, for both practical and aesthetic reasons.


We think that the outfit generator is ideal for people attending an Indian wedding for the first time, as the page will give them a great overview of what to expect. We do feel however that the page will also be useful for Indian wedding mavericks that are in need of some outfit inspiration.


Future plans?


The page is currently work in progress. Some of the lookbooks are still being created for the ‘family of the couple’ and ‘bridesmaids’. Once this has been taken care of we will turn our attention to automation.


The plan at present is to create an online chat where we can quickly and easily communicate with our users to help them find an appropriate outfit.We will inquire about their specific details and preferences in order to advice them more thoroughly – think AI and chatbots!


Is this useful?


Since this page is still in its infancy we would really appreciate any feedback you can offer. Do you think the page is useful? Is there anything that you think should be added to improve it? Which section is the most useful? Any comments (both positive and negative) that can help us improve the user experience are welcomed.


We do think that this page will be a useful resource in helping someone prepare for an Indian wedding, so if you or anyone you know is going to be attending an Indian wedding, we would love it if you’d share it with them to help us spread the word!


Check out the outfit generator at






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  1. hi vivek,

    i think this is a really interesting idea!! most of us are just consumed by the bride & groom – no one thinks about solving the guests’ problems!!

    you probably might want to tie up with wedding planners etc 

    quick q – i went to your site. so if i don’t agree to your cookies, i can’t click on anything?

    also while providing options to the person who is trying out these outfits – do you ask them to upload their pic etc or have any sort of virtual trail/dressing up experience?

    pls check glassic and their virtual try on – it’s pretty cool –

    also, this might interest you… (i dunno if the complimentary offer is still on or not!) but you could perhaps gamify your idea?!

  2. Hi Asha

    Thank you for the thoughts and feedback!

    On the site, if you do not accept cookies, you can go ahead and browse as normal – no cookie is placed. This is a requirement by law for EU websites!

    Virtual experiences are an interesting concept and some of these elements should be added to the AI / Chat based solution that are being worked upon! 🙂

  3. Hi Vivek,

    It is an interesting problem that you are trying to solve. Here is my $0.02.

    The outfit generator works for some scenarios and not for some. I guess you guys are still populating the site.

    I like the idea that you show a couple of dresses and a click on it takes to the shopping cart. Good call to action.

    An honest feedback about the pricing – it is way too expensive! I would be spending more than the groom on a kurta 🙂

    If your site is targeted for people from abroad, maybe the INR -> $ won’t matter so much but no one would spend so much ever. An example being I have a couple of silk kurtas that I purchased for an occasion and I have never worn in it at all. Especially for me, you can’t really wear a sherwani while taking a stroll 🙂

    I would be more interested in renting them/or putting up my dress for rent. Rather than sitting idly after dry clean, it better be put to some use.

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