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Why should we Indians promote a specific startup app

A bit background about Adractive:
Unbiased News
1. It provides curated news with opposite view and background of each news story, so that regular or occasional readers of news can get complete perspective and build their own opinions and ideas about current affairs (in national affairs, sports, political news, world events) (launched today).
2. It also provides entertainment with an algorithm, where users can watch top rated entertainment which people with similar tastes are watching for fun and can upload their own videos for incentives based on number of views.
3. Users have 2 choices to watch news and entertainment, either with Ads or paid content without interruptions. They also have an option to watch video Ads on a side and earn points for it and use them to watch news and entertainment completely interruptions free.
4. Users can also just watch video Ads for the points and redeem the points in form of mobile recharge or bank transfer
Now, why should we promote Adractive?
1. It provides people incentive to watch Video Ads, sharing up to 90% of proceeds from Advertisers. Now how many Indian businesses have you seen who are willing to share a majority of their revenue with users for watching the “content” they anyway do on TV, newspapers, radio, billboards, google, facebook, other news & entertainment websites and apps etc. If it can do even small re-distribution of wealth from biggest media conglomerates to people, it’s worth sharing and promoting and all this for the content people want to consume
2. It has launched the news section which guarantees to offer unbiased views. How do they ensure this? Simple, make every reporter write the news (from which it is impossible to remove personal or bosses or organisation’s biases) and make them write the opposite view as well, taking into account all opinions, facts, from the opposite side. Believe it or not, our opinions / views / ideas are formed based on what we see, and hear from friends and family and what we consume on TV or internet, which gives media the power to shape people’s opinions on a mass scale. Additionally, not everything is in black or white as media presents to us. This gets taken care by itself, since we have different media houses with different perspectives / allegiances, and hence as an informed citizen, we may read all newspapers and watch all news channels to get the complete view, but that often involves huge dedication of time and repetition of some information. Now if, we as people have the power to promote an app, which presents us news, opposite view and background and form ideas and opinion on, we should promote it to every single Indian out there.
3. Adractive to soon launch Entertainment section, where users will earn on uploading videos based on number of views. Again, currently which Indian Entertainment house provides people an option to showcase their artistic skills and get paid for the same.
We can read this and go on our own path, but at some point in our time, if we are presented with an opportunity to spread and promote, something which is so good for so many people and not part of the norm, we should promote it wholeheartedly. Well, only, if you use it yourself first!
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