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India’s first Creative Network is Looking for Investing Partners.

Creanara is India’s first and largest platform for Creative Talents and companies where they can Showcase their Work, Explore Projects / Jobs and Engage / Collaborate within the community.

Creanara is my brainchild. I’m a trained Musician, Ideator and a dreamer who always wanted to build something for the Creative Community. We have a set of amazing advisors who are mentoring us in this journey. Ms Mallika Sarabhai, Mr Vilas Janve and Mr Rajinish Menon are some of the esteemed advisors of Creanara. 

Creanara is on its way to become a one-stop shop for the Rs. 10,000+ Crore creative industry made up of film production, theatre, events, visual art etc. 

It helps address a dire need to simplify creative industry’s project-specific hiring needs, provide better price discovery and far greater choices in a highly fragmented industry.

Through its comprehensive Online platform, it allows Creative Individuals and Companies to showcase their Skills, Products and Services, It also allows people to Explore and Hire Creative Talent across 26 Major Creative Categories. Creanara also allows the creative stakeholders to engage within themselves via “Expressions” : A creative forum to write articles, share video content and upload audio clips.

In just 7 months Creanara has curated more than 14000 Creative Talents and around 50000 creative companies. 

Creanara through its Board of Mentors and Benefactors has also launched a Mentorship Program which allows creative talents to get guidance from Industry Stalwarts. Stalwarts like Ms Mallika Sarabhai, Ms. Ashwini Deshpande, Mr Sidharth Kak, Mr Sunil Lulla are currently mentoring aspiring talents on Creanara. This is an exceptional platform for young creative minds who want constant feedback and mentoring from stalwarts.

 Creanara is currently looking for people who can foresee the revolution in creative space with technology and are ready to partner with us in this amazing journey.

Why Creanara ? Lets Hear it from the industry itself.

Creanara Website :


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  1. Creanara is currently looking for people who can foresee the revolution in creative space with technology and are ready to partner with us in this amazing journey.

    Hi Anand,

    Can you please elaborate what kind of opportunity this will be for a person who is not in a position to invest Money?

    What is the revenue Model ?

    Is Creanara Not for Profit organisation?

    Best Regards and Good WISHES!!

  2. Hi Vinod,

    Creanara is not a Not for Profit Organisation. The monetisation will happen through commissions from projects fulfilment. We are looking for an IT co founder, and industry experts to join our team. Let me know if you fit the bill.


  3. hi anand – i must say you have an impressive mentor-list!!! 

    i reckon the artists who sign up with creanara are very lucky!! 

    (some feedback – i find your name difficult to remember and spell correctly. i hope others don’t!)

    good luck and pls add your twitter handle at the end. i shall promote your post today!

  4. Thanks Asha, Creanara was chosen because it can have different meaning for different creative stake holder. Anara in spanish means wanderer so Creanara can be a Creative Wanderer or a Creative Explorer. Nara is voice hence Creanara is Voice of Creative India. I have added the twitter handle as mentioned.

  5. Quick feedback:

    The home page menu and tabs are not intuitive.

    I want to place an order / assignment for a 3D job – what do I do?

  6. Hey Aalok,

       Thanks for the feedback. We are looking at redesigning the entire UI, will keep the feedback in mind. We are introducing the “Post Project” feature on Saturday, you can post your requirement then. For now , you can search for an animation artist , look at his/her work and contact directly to get work done.

  7. anand, alok share your post on his personal social media networks.

    pls chk this comment on fb – 

    Swetansu Mohapatra I would love to get connected to the guys behind this, and explore possible synergies, considering is in the same domain.

  8. Hey Alok, Need your help with some important product related issues. Would you be able to spare some time for me ?

  9. Excellent idea. However what are your plans to monetise ? Also are there any other competitors in the industry ? I know is doing phenomenally well, but deals only for voiceover artists – . Is there a similar kind of platform which has a thriving demand for artists to get work ?

    – Also what are your plans going ahead – will it be a subscription based fee for artists?

  10. Hey Maulik, we monetise by fulfilling creative requirements of people coming on the portal. As you mentioned there are few portals which cater to a niche segment like, but on creanara you can actually hire all the creative services which are required for completion of a complex project. Rest all details can be found on , please do check out.

  11. Hey Aalok , you were searching for an animation artists. Please post your requirement on , will start getting quotes.

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