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Introducing Apimint – Rapid API prototypes, documentation and SDKs

Hey Rodihooders!

I am taking this leap of faith with Apimint, and couldn’t think of anything else than TRH to start the journey. Apimint ( is a tool for designing and building APIs. I am looking for beta users to try the product.

What is it?

Apimint helps you to quickly design working API endpoints. You give a path for your endpoint and give some mock data, and voila the endpoint is live on the internet! It takes less than a minute to create a working endpoint with Apimint. You can use it to build proof of concepts, iterate API frameworks and collaborate with frontend and backend teams. All without writing a line of code.

One of our early adopters used Apimint to win actual business project. They quickly build a POC app based on prototype API backend built on Apimint. Their clients were impressed how quickly they delivered a working experience whereas the competitors were just showing screenshots.

Apimint comes in with a host of features.
1. Strong team features with user level access control.
2. Automatic API documentation – Share documentation with built in sample requests and smile as your teams work frictionlessly!
3. Automatic code generation – Apimint supports code generation in 10+ languages. You can generate entire client and server SDKs. This reduces your turnaround time significantly. Ahoy increased efficiency!
4. API sandbox – Built in tool for quickly experimenting with APIs
5. Import/Export from Swagger and Postman

If you are interested to beta the product, please signup here. Only your email is required. Write to me and I will give you some free seats so that you can explore Apimint with your team.

Free for an individual!
and 8 USD per seat per month for teams.
7 USD per seat per month if you pay annually
(This is what I have in mind. Please feel free to share your pricing insights)

I would strongly urge you to try out Apimint. Its an honest product trying to bridge a disconnect between backend and frontend teams!

Learn more about Apimint here,
2.Creating Mock APIs
3.SDK Generation

Thanks and Happy Mocking!
Twitter @bansalrijul


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  1. Cool. Just registered. Will explore and revert 🙂 

  2. Thank you :). Have added 5 seats to your license. Let me know if you need more!

    Happy mocking – Rijul

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