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Introducing Green Rock Store

Hello Everybody ,

Gurgaon OH was my first experience and I was there to see what is the atmosphere like because I do not know anybody other than Asha.

And I was pleasantly surprised by the energy and the enthusiasm . People are doing so many good things that you feel motivated and jealous at the same time.

Earlier I had posted about how can we change the distribution of a publishing house for our other start-up Half Baked Beans

Now we are introducing our other start-up and looking for all kind of suggestions because a wise man once said “suggestions are the new MLM”.

Greenrock is an online merchandise venture started by Manas Chugh and me. We have  come up with an online merchandise store that caters to the breed of people who are ardent followers of a particular TV series or movies.

These are the evolving times for the entertainment industry because the audience that now one caters to, is open to different, experimental and out-of-the-box ideas. So much so, that there are great numbers of people who watch English TV series in the same way people earlier used to wind up all their chores to catch-up with their favorite saas-bahu tales in peace,I, myself being a crazy fan of series, Breaking Bad and House of Cards thought that it would be amazing if I could get merchandise with my favorite lines from the show or anything to flaunt the passionate fan inside me. But there was nothing worthwhile available in the market and this is how we conceptualized Greenrock.

At Greenrock there are varieties of products one can choose from to satiate one’s love for the favorite shows. Online, we come across number of merchandise selling enterprises, but what all we can find are; run-of-the-mill products with quotes and lines printed to death.  Greenrock is the brand that is crazy, fun, witty and thinks beyond regular. This is an online store where there’s something for everyone.

 Greenrock merchandise saw an overwhelming response at the Annual Indian Comic Convention held in New Delhi this year. We saw thousands of dedicated fans thronging to buy our cool merchandise. This is when we witnessed that obsession and the passion of people for comic and popular culture is thumping hard in India, and we should do our best to come out with the smartest of merchandise and products to meet the expectations of the buyers.

The popular culture, no doubt isn’t a mainstream thing in India, but it is catching up. And in order to expand its reach and know-how, Greenrock is ideating and working on the hippest of designs for its merchandise and its other products. We want to reach many more communities of dedicated fans, hence we are open to the suggestions and ideas pouring in from all ends.

The merchandise brand has made its presence felt in the market in a big way. It has already catered to colleges such as; SRCC, Venky, JMC, KNC, Hindu and Amity. It offers a wide range of products such as; funky tees, hoodies, laptop skins, coasters, posters etc., and plans to delve into other products as well.  We have the snappiest of designs, which draw inspiration from TV series or movies. Our work on the merchandise is in a way ode to the frenzied fans all around the country. 

One can choose what all one wants and the product is delivered at one’s doorstep in carefully packed cartons. The best part is there are heart-sweeping discounts and special offers on bulk orders. Not only this, one can get customized goodies as well. Pick any line, quote, design clicking on the pointer of the TV series or movie and contact us. Tell us what design or idea you have in mind and we will do it for you.

No denying the fact that to know the tee or quirky hoodie you always wanted to buy is finally available makes you feel like grabbing it at all cost, but a little doubt about the quality of the product always itches your mind, when you’re shopping online.  At Greenrock, we hold sincerity as our first principle. Hence, we make sure that whatever we offer our customer is genuine and of highest quality. The fabric and the material of the merchandise we sell go through the process of quality check and the best makes its way to the shopping wall.

Greenrock is one of its kind venture in India that focuses on the otherwise ignored cravings of the unabashed fans. So, if you are a fan of any TV series, movies, et all or anyone who wants something different and unique, login to Greenrock and choose from a variety of merchandise.

It has just started in January this year. 

Log on to the site here

Our Facebook page has 25k+ likes and we are growing . Here is the link –

Feedback and suggestions is what we aspire..



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  1. chetan….

    i’m blown away by your logo! just loved it.

    i went to your site and was pleasantly surprised to see the prices!!

    dude – how do manage to survive in this big bad world of so many tee walas in the e-com sea??!!

    do you make customised tees?

    i know yunus was looking for someone affordable.

  2. Thanks for the logo, we will let our designer know.

    The reduced prices are for a sale which is going on right now till 3rd april else they are priced between 299-449..

    As for survival may be we can comment on it after a year if we survive till then.

    We do make customized tees but the minimum number for that should be 10 and the customer should have patience.

  3. Hey Chetan,

    Good idea, hate the site though.  

    1. UI/UX – which lamebrain came up with the color scheme.  Stick to white background if you dont live and breath UI/UX.

    2.  Aaaagrh.  Quick, quick somebody please please shoot me.  Green font on blue background with an add to cart blue button that almost disappears into the background.  I will die before check out.  I hope you have taken out life insurance for hapless visitors who die on the way to checkout.  

    3. What happened to your title and description meta tags? Why is your product description on a diet?  

    4. I hate the logo.  🙂 Sorry Asha.  :).  Won’t translate very well across different formats as pointed out in #5 below.  Cool name though.

    5. Favicon is zepo not your site logo.

    etc etc.  

    BUT take heart… you are in a highly rabid niche of hungry fans who wants the merchandise, so you can basically get away with pretty much anything.  Like the, the king of ugly.

    To quote the late maestro of direct marketing ‘Sir’ Gary Halbert, who probably stole it from someone else:  What do you need to sell? Answer: A starving crowd.  

    And that you have in spades.  Focus on getting the fans, the site can wait.  

    And oh hey last but most important question: WTF????? What about Star Trek goodies???????

  4. agree with abey’s #startrek goodies comment 🙂


    alok just shared your post across social – can you respond to the fb & twitter comments?

  5. Done..

  6. Thank you for these insights:

    1. I agree with the UI/UX complaint but it’s a template means we get a set theme beforehand which we cant change , so when we’ll do in-house designing then things will be taken care of.

    2. We would like if you can suggest some color schemes as we have not been able to come up with good.

    3. its happening , in a couple of days everything will be uploaded but again not a SEO expert.

    4. This is between you and Asha, thanks for the name.

    5.It’s a zepo platform

    P.S. Star trek goodies require licensing but if you have any idea which doesnt use their logo we are all ears.

  7. 1 & 2 – I can criticize bad UX/UI but am just as bad with suggestions. 🙂  Would suggest looking at something like this:  General guidelines, lots of whitespace, prominent call to action, and sufficient info to make an informed buy.

    3. SEO expert not needed.  Just a good writer who understand the shows and can echo the sentiment that drives the fan boys and girls 

    4. Roger roger 🙂

    5. Yes, you should be able to change the favicon from the default zepo thing.  The rocks part of the logo can be crunched into a square and replaced.  Will make it easier to identify across browser tabs.

    Star trek: aww damn. Licensing.  You could have a tee shirts with quotes from the shows?

  8. Yes we can have quotes from tv series ..

    and thanks for these quotes , I think we have our next star trek tshirt.

  9. Agree with all the constructive criticism thrown here…

    Bad UX/UI just doesnt work for me…it takes away all the fun of shopping online regardless of how good the product is, which I assume is good thanks to me being optimistic in general.

    Chetan, are u not suppose to take permissionlicense for any reprint of any stuff related to TV series? If I am not wrong everything is copyrighted. 

    Also Chetan, you need to be on the pulse of what shows are trending here thanks to torrents and also whats being played on TV by the respective broadcasters. This will make the “I want” factor in your favor for a particular show which is quiet a hit. For example I am having a blast watching “Suits” and would love to get some merchandise of it. 

    So from my perspective you are in a good forum as your task is cut out as to what you need to do next to take it on the next level. 

    Why not tie-up with the various OH’s happening and spread the word! Lets say whoever present next time gets a t-shirt from you…just brainstorming aloud!

    Good luck and I hope to buy some stuff in the near future!

  10. Thank you for another insight.

    Well as for bad UI we will change it with course of time as we did not want to spend 30-40k in the start for just the website.

    We need permission if we use their logo or character face .

    We do have a tshirt for “Suits”

    as for tie-up with OH’s is concerned Asha is the queen.

    We hope that you buy.


  11. Well as for bad UI we will change it with course of time as we did not want to spend 30-40k in the start for just the website.

    Chetan, strategically that’s a bad move since your primary interface is the web.  And it needn’t cost 30-40k if you use an existing pre-built template.  A good/passable UI is part of the price of market entry.  Right now it looks amateurish.

    That said, if you are strapped for cash, your only alternative is to burn your time building a loyal, rabid fan following/community that will form a ready pool of potential buyers for your products.

    Good example is our very own rodinhoods.  Crappy ning template but a strong passionate community that consumes content voraciously.

  12. mannn… good to be your good side, always abey!!

  13. 🙂 i should flash my bad side too one of these days.  

  14. Currently we are using a template only.

    have made some changes to the site , hope you might like them.

  15. The cover flow is nice but its a bit jerky when loading.  Probably the js needs to be tightened and optimized.  Not sure how it will look on mobiles.  

    I’d suggest just replacing the theme with a white background theme. Take your pick from the theme list, one is as good as the other.

    Take anything from Layout 5.  Zepo says (on their features page) that it has mobile support.  

  16. Just saw this and thought about you:

    The luminance contrast between text and white background is now higher (blue on white) than it used to be in the old version (blue on AdWords skin tone) – luminance contrast is one of the most basic and most powerful drivers of visual attention.

  17. Thanks a lot..will keep this in mind.

  18. Abey Sir,

    Have made some changes to the site , hope it’s fine now.

    Also have added new products…


    Have added some new products.

  20. Looks good.  Much better now.  You need to focus on site side.  Typically you need to keep page load under 3 seconds.  See this:!/ehlgES/

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