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Introducing Jodi Logik – Create Your Cool, Custom Biodata For Marriage

Hello! I am showcasing my startup here. Would appreciate your feedback / comments.

Jodi Logik is a web application for creating a custom biodata for marriage. A marriage biodata is usually created by the parents or siblings of men and women who are ready to get married and are willing to go through an arranged marriage. This is a common practice across India.

Believe it or not, arranged marriages still very popular in India. According to the NDTV IPSOS survey and the more recent India Human Development Survey, a majority of Indians still go through arranged marriages. However, because of increasing education levels and economic independence of women, we are seeing more Indians exercising choice when selecting a spouse through arranged marriages.

However, the practice of creating a marriage biodata has a number of issues.

1.       Every marriage biodata looks the same. They are uninspiring and focuses on parameters such as vital statistics, salary, horoscope to name a few. While all these data points are relevant, they do not determine the success of the subsequent meetings or marriages.

2.       Matchmaking happens based on the horoscope and superficial information available through the marriage biodata. As a result, when the families and the prospective bride and groom meet each other, the possibility of a successful outcome is minimal. There are way too many wasted meetings that could have been stopped much earlier!

3.       The need for giving greater preference to personality and lifestyle as a factor for matchmaking in increasing but the existing templates for marriage biodata do not accommodate this changing preference.

Jodi Logik addresses these issues by helping young men and women create a customized biodata for marriage that will not only include vital statistics and horoscope but also include insights about their personality and lifestyle.

That’s not all, Jodi Logik provides a secure way of sharing the profile with people found through matrimony ads and online matchmaking sites. Users can also communicate with people directly through their Jodi Logik profile.

Check out this SlideShare presentation for more details on the value proposition.

Why should you sign up for Jodi Logik? 

Jodi Logik is currently in the closed beta and is expected to become an open beta application by the end of April 2016.

Any thoughts or feedback on the product or the problem it’s trying to address is welcome. If you would like to use the product, I will make sure you get in. Just drop me an email and click on the “Join with Facebook” button on our homepage.

Our Twitter handle is: @jodilogik


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  1. wow. i’m actually surprised there is still a huge market for arranged marriages!

    so while i get you are solving a real problem (very few people know how to write properly!!) – if i’ve understood correctly, you pull info from the person’s fb page to create a “first impression”wala bio data, right? so my question is: how authentic can that be? we all paint the envious moments/snippets from our lives on fb – very few people ever are their true selves. so how true would the bio data that you create be?

    or is this only to create the right first impression to attract interested parties with similar lifestyles?

    you might want to collaborate with folks like truejodi etc – they have a 9 step verification process but i don’t think they offer customised bio data services.

    ps: would love to see a sample video 

  2. Great points Asha and thanks for asking.

    How true can a biodata be? As true as you want it to be! At the end of the day, the same question applies to anything we create online :). BTW, Jodi Logik lets you edit the information we gather from Facebook.

    People create and share biodata and Jodi Logik makes it comprehensive, pretty, and provides an elegant way to share and control who views your biodata. The idea of Jodi Logik is “you are more than your skin color and vital stats. Don’t waste your time meeting people who have mismatched expectations, interests, and lifestyles.”

    We don’t have a video. Will certainly put that on my list of things to do.

  3. Have you pitched this to the team at Shaadi? Its complimentary to them right?

  4. Very nice concept – you should pitch this to linkedin and facebook india also

  5. No, I haven’t pitched to anyone yet. Will certainly reach out in the near future.

  6. Hi Srinivas,

    I would like to begin with a cautious note:

    No doubt Weddings in India are big money spinner. Any venture (now startups) related to getting married or the Band Bajaa Baraat will never die. Many Hotels and Community Marriage Halls keep coming up relying on the kind of marriage explosion we have in India with a young population. Then there are seasonal discounts because the wedding Gods are on Holiday.

    The Honeymoon and then the Baby Boom follows.

    We do see NRI and Students getting married only when they can come back on Holidays.

    JodiLogik or any matchmaking web application or Offline matchmakers are like a TRAILER for that big expense to follow.

    This opportunity has created a big lucrative vacuum for one and all to feel Welcome to participate and try their Luck.

    My simple question will be why young married couples or single status Girls are shy on taking on this huge market potential for a better perspective and resolving issues involved with it.

    Neither we see mature successfully married couples (Sanjeev Kumar and Rakhee Gulzar starred in a Bollywood movie) eagerly participating with their experience.

    As of now I would like to point a single important issue which is Exhibitionism of the Subject (Boy or Girl) . 

    Jodilogik seems to have taken this very seriously and expect each private individual to first know about themselves and then sincerely share with the world and more so in FB style with pictures.

    I admit there must be many more problem resolving ideas at Jodilogik, which I may have missed completely.

    I also see there is a lot of money making opportunity here whenever the product placement finds it rightful place.

    I am sure any product like yours whenever successful will give Yashraj Films a run for their money with the kind of romantic stories they keep turning out each year. (Dum lagake Haisha – National Award).

    The Quest to find the right Life Partner is never ending and your TEAM’s passion in this direction is well placed. 

    They say Marriages are made in Heaven and I say who ever is involved on this road to Heaven is a Messenger from GOD. 

    I wish your team all blessings and Good Luck and all Success.

  7. I have gone your website it was good in making these services.. And your articles was inspiring..

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