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Introducing Scrabbl-Language as a Service Platform

Hi Rodinhooders, I would like to showcase my startup – Scrabbl. 

What is Scrabbl – 

Scrabbl provides an online portal where you can upload your content and get it translated to various languages. 

How does it work –

We create a credential for the client to login to our portal. Currently registration to the portal is not public. Here is how the portal looks like – 

You can add new articles. Check the status of existing articles and download translated articles. 

Adding new content is simple, you can share the url or upload the file.

We have our network of translators that will get it done for you in no time. 


How do we ensure quality – 

Our translated content goes through a three step check to ensure the quality of translation. The translated content is proof-checked to ensure the quality meets clients requirements. Once the translation is completed you can download and review it. After review you can accept or reject the translated content. 

If you reject the translation, the translation process will be repeated. You can also share the feedback on the translated article if you’d like.

How are we different from traditional translation companies –

With the help of technology we plan to minimize the operational inefficiencies from this process. Also with the help of machine learning the amount of human effort needed would keep decreasing. These qualities help us offer you better value preposition than traditional translation agencies.

Pricing –

Presently our charges starts from 60pc/word depending upon the content and quality of translation required. 

Languages – 

Currently our focus is just Indian languages. We are translating English content to Hindi, Bengali and Marathi. We plan to add all major Indian languages in the next few months. 

What are we looking for –

To connect with investors and clients who might me interested is our service. 

Feedback from the community that could help us improve and shape our product.


For credentials for our client portal( drop me mail at


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  1. hi harsh,

    i need you to add your website link so all of us can check it out – a must for any showcase post 🙂

    also pls add your twitter handle at the end.

    okay a few q’s – what inspired the name? i’m a word lover (most writers are!) and have played scrabble thousands of times! so translating articles to languages and your branding somehow didn’t connect with me.

    is this service available for only english to regional indian languages or vice versa as well?

    can articles be translated into foreign languages as well? perhaps you could specify on your post itself?

  2. Hi Asha,

    Thanks for your comments. I have updated the post with the link to the website. Sorry I am not there on twitter. Will update once I create our twitter account.

    We drew the connection with game Scrabble as while translating we are playing with words. Also we feel the word Scrabbl has a nice ring to it so that might help people remember our name. 

    We plan to add both Indian and foreign languages. But currently we are focussing on just translation to Indian languages. To start off we are doing Hindi, Bengali and Marathi. 

  3. Hello Harsh, Indeed it is a good initiative. Problem Solving for Commerce ? Can’t say..

    I have been to Bombay High Court as a process for my litigation. Translation of a lower court order from Marathi to English is really a matter of  daily adjournments. Same happens in all lower Courts in all Sates. 

    There are qualified translators cum typists outfits who charge by Page near around all the Courts. Now with e-courts your initiative may come as a good problem solving platform.

    Need not say more you can find out the where about.

    Best Wishes and Good Luck!!

  4. Thanks a lot Vinod! Will go check out the court tomorrow 🙂

  5. Thanks.

    At Koimoi – We have an offer:

    We want to star with 10,000 words a month – for Hindi and then we could go to 100,000 words a month depending on your service.

    WE NEED BETTER QUALITY than Google Language :!

    Mail me at and we will get started.

    Ps – we are RODINHOODS (D for Dhandha) – not B (B for Baniya) 🙂

  6. Hi Harsh,

    Appreciate your initiative, all the very best, your venture would be a real success, if you try to address the following areas:

    1, Machine Translation / Machine language : The more you train your language engine? The better would be the output, have you thought of the same?

    2, Does the translators have knowledge in translating the subject matter?

    3, The file formats your platform can handle

    4, Does your platform have a Translation Memory inbuilt, so that it can be reused, when a client places repeated orders

    5, The pricing is really competitive , my assumption is that you have arrived at the costing based on few translators, how will you maintain the same price, when the volume surges.

    I am really sorry Harsh to raise all these questions, but when you start reaching potential clients, you will face all these questions.



  7. Thanks Ramana for your feedback. 

    Your comments are really insightful and will surely help us in the long run. 

    You are right Machine translation is the future. Will be an area of focus for us. On the translators side we have categorized them according to their subject matter expertise. Pricing has definitely been a learning experience for us. We hope as we get the portal more automated we might be able to make it even more competitive.

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