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Introducing SoulCafe – Building Soul Relationships

Hello Rodinhooders! I take this opportunity to showcase our product – SoulCafe ( With a love for psychology and human behavior studies – I wanted to solve a problem in it’s very unique way. The way relationships are built. We have a market full of matrimonial sites and dating apps. You might be wondering then why – SoulCafe? The recommendations on SoulCafe are based on compatibility of aspects that matters most for a relationship to last. For example – Life Values of the Individuals, Personality Match (and when we say personality match it’s about personalities that complement with each other rather having the exact same personalities) and other such nuances. 

The platform is envisaged to be a virtual cafe – where there are cafe forums with interesting discussions on movie, books, life, love and so on. These are group forums and a chance on connecting organically over conversation. 

The platform also lets users display their blog and Instagram feeds as the whole idea is about is – connecting thoughts. The registration process includes Facebook data validation and Phone validations to avoid fake profiles.

We have a blog that is the mouth piece of our philosophy. 

I think on a larger scope of things, ours is a small step towards – letting individuals make their own life’s important decision when they think it’s right for them based on aspects that really matters. We are glad to see almost equal representation of men and women signing up and to see people from different spheres. 

Looking forward to get your valuable thoughts and especially on marketing our product. 

Twitter: @sophiajose_blr


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  1. hi sophia,

    i like the name. not sure if it’s a social networking site or a dating site?

    is it meant to hangout with interesting people who will get along with? or is it like a place to hook up and date/get into a relationship like tinder?

  2. Hi Asha,

    Thanks! This is a site for people who seek a long term relationship that’s based on getting feeling connected over conversations, interests, their passion, life values and personality. So it isn’t a hook up site neither is it the typical matrimonial site because the fundamentals that the website is based out is different. We wouldn’t put SoulCafe in both these slots and that’s where our challenge lies 🙂 On a regular dating site you wouldn’t have group forums. At SoulCafe one could talk about their travel, adventures, books they read or music they love – leading to thoughts that could connect or inspire which could lead the person to actually have a one on one interactions with that someone. That’s how organically someone could find their soulmate. Then there are system recommendations as well based on our algorithm. Hope that makes it clear or please do let me know. 

  3. Check screenshots. After registering via Facebook, what the heck is this welcome screen?! I clicked on take me out and it exited the app?!

    Thanks for sharing your story, but I think you need some serious help in product Dev!

  4. Thanks Alok for checking the site. Really sorry you got an error page. That’s a big Ooops and I’m looking into why it happened. Ideally you should have got a validation error message as system validates your FB relationship status (and there are few other validations as well) and for certain status like “married” the system displays a validation error message. 

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