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Introducing talkeees: A unique platform to share experiences the most awesome way, have fun & make them count!!

talkeees is one of a kind social networking platform where users share their authentic experiences, about anything and everything in the form of a short video (up to 45 seconds) to help each other take better and informed decisions and have fun at the same time.

What motivated us to start this venture?

It was one of our founders first trip to Dubai in 2014, not as a tourist but as a MBA student at S.P. Jain School of Global Management, his closed ones gave him an array of do’s and don’ts for this golden city. Once he landed there even though few suggestions came in handy but leading a student life was completely a different experience. Further he was supposed to travel to Sydney and Singapore. Like most of the students, he too had no idea about best ways to survive. To fill this gap of finding authentic experiences of activities which people have done before you, 3Es of Life was born in 2014 as small college project. The whole idea was to share Expectations, ongoing Experience and Emotions attached of the students enrolled and the professors imparting knowledge which can work as a guiding beacon for future students. In 2015, thereafter understanding the potential of the concept, 3ES of Life got evolved to “talkeees” as an experience sharing app available on IOS and Android.

About talkeees

Before taking any decision be it purchasing something, going for a vacation, joining a college, watching a movie, selecting a restaurant, venturing into entrepreneurship, planning to attend an event or watching a news debate for that matter, it has become difficult to go through authentic experiences of people in limited time.

To bridge this gap, I, along with my cofounders have launched a video based social networking platform “Talkeees” with three E’s (expectation, experience, emotion). The basic idea is for the people to share their experiences about anything and everything under the sun and help each other take better and informed decisions.

We believe sharing selfies became a cult and everybody started indulging in it, sharing experiences in a short video is a step further. You can share the actual ongoing fun or frustration while experiencing a chill scene, a cool product, an awesome service or for that matter anything shady or annoying. Also nowadays we are used to spending a lot of time on social networks, then why not spend time on a platform which is fun and helpful at the same time.

We don’t want it to become a platform wherein people vent out their complaints and frustration but to become an ecosystem where even companies can show their improvement over time and address to users feedback quickly and effectively.

One of the main USP’s of talkeees is that users have the power to share experiences in the language they love. Talkeees as a platform is extremely simple and fun to use.

Users can record short videos upto 45 sec, can go through the most admired experiences in the trending screen, search for a particular talkeee form the interest screens, check out the talkeees recorded within 50 miles of your area in the nearby screen and check the talkeees by the people you follow in the home screen. Sharing experience is even more fun, just click of the button opens the camera with timer; you have the power to select interests, location, your emotions and put hashtags as a form of description.

App Flow & Screen Shots: (Below are for android, IOS also has similar app flow.)

It’s fun to go through different experiences shared on talkeees, you can comment, like or share on facebook & twitter. You are the owner you can report a talkeees too for violation.

Super easy and fun to record your experiences.

We launched an android app about a month back and IOS a couple of days back. We are currently concentrating on a closed community of technology enthusiasts and early adopters. Users are sharing experiences right from purchasing and using as simple as a talcum powder to enjoying Vijender Singh’s boxing matches, startup decisions, a movie experience to trekking expedition etc. Apart from English and Hindi experiences are shared in Marathi, Assamese, Punjabi and Kannada. Our immediate plan is to strengthen our user base, improve the product and concentrate on indulging people to share authentic experiences making it fun and interesting in India. Within a year, we are planning to open the platform globally.

UPDATE: Do like, download and share!!

How users are sharing experiences on talkeees

Assam is drenched in floods but Indian media didn’t pay much attention. This happens every year. People voicing out their experiences on talkeees. #‎myexperiencematters

NIFTians setting trend for rest of the colleges on Talkeees!!‪#‎myexperiencematters

Android App:

IOS Link:

To check out some of the experience shared on talkeees and latest updates:

Twitter: @talkeees


Please give your feedback, install the app and become part of this journey. Thanks


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  1. this is really unique neeraj!

    having people share short videos in their language is very neat. i quite liked the simple one in the beginning on shoes to visit vaishno devi. totally awesome!

    so i really enjoyed reading the story behind the three Es – i wondered why you used 3 in your name 🙂 

    when i first read the word talkeees i automatically thought it’s something to do with cinema or theater… do you get that feedback often?

    do you have clear categories (like travel, food, tech) under which people can post – ‘coz “experiences” are just so broad a spectrum! 

    feel free to add some screenshots of the app to show how it works…

    i’m guessing people who upload their vids are the primary folks who share them and make them get discovered?

    ps: since i have typo ocd – pls correct the spelling of Gujarati on your homepage!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Asha,

    Ya actually lot of people have said the same about name, but at the same time its catchy too. talkeees, actually means talk about expectations, experiences & emotions. 

    Thanks for pointing out the correction 🙂

    Ya we have different sections to discover experiences recorded on talkeees, plus there is nearby feed in which all the experiences recorded within 50 miles your a person’s radius are visible. There is trending feed where the most liked experiences appear and there is a home feed where you can see experiences shared by the people you follow. It’s easy to record an experience too. Its like any other social network, which is user generated content with a feature to share your experiences on facebook and twitter from the app itself. Apart from the one’s who have recorded, anyone can share the experiences on different platforms.

    I have added the screenshots in the discussion. Looking forward to more feedback. 🙂

  3. i hope the content that gets uploaded goes through moderation? otherwise you will have a tough time with inappropriate vids like porn/spam or irrelevant videos!

  4. Yes, the videos get moderated quickly, we are building smart algorithms to filter out the same automatically as well. Plus we have given power to users, who can report any inappropriate content the see by click of a button.

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