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Investing in Errands : My Peon at the Mumbai OH

Enthusiastic entrepreneurs, honest discussions and insightful presentations made the Mumbai Open House a smashing success. I felt immensely honored to be a part of this passionate community and was grateful to be able to present on a topic which most start-up entrepreneurs could relate to: Why am I not getting Investor Love?

It was a passing idea that gave birth to My Peon,our concierge service which lets people outsource their errands & deliveries. We help busy working professionals manage time by running errands on their behalf. Our service doesn’t limit itself to just deliveries – from paying bills to accompanying an old gentleman to the doctor’s, there’s little that we haven’t done yet.

We have come a long way since July 2012, when we carried out our very first delivery. The next step for us was to better our operations by making them faster and smoother. Here’s where we needed the backing of investors to ramp up our offering. The presentation given below outlines the different ways in which we tried to get investor support and the hurdles that we needed to overcome.

By the time the very last presentation came to an end, we all were convinced that investor love is not as elusive, afterall! With various start-up entrepreneurs describing the issues and solutions that marked their journey while on the lookout for investors, it was clear that like most of the curveballs one faces while running a business, even this one could be dealt with deft strategizing. 



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  1. hey bharat,

    did you get any ‘investor love’ since your presentation? been reading lots of good things about my peon. you MUST update all of us on what’s going on at your end!!

  2. Dear Asha,

    Hope everything is good with you. 

    We have not received any funding, but i have found a co-founder and that’s purely one of the core reason for all the good news that you are reading on facebook. The business has grown for sure and we are doing more than my projected number in the last quarter. 

    I will definitely keep the group posted as we apply or receive any kind of funding.

    Keep in touch.



  3. Hi Bharat,

    I would have been a regular consumer of MyPeon if you were present in Bangalore. 
    Time is Money. You are doing a great job. Keep Going.
    Maybe you should talk to Manav Shankar. He had started something like this in the past.

    Regards, Puneet

  4. Hey Asha, 

    In other news Get My Peon has bagged its first round of Angel Funding for $250,000 USD.

    Thankyou for all the support from Rodinhood 🙂 

  5. OMG!!!! MANY CONGRATS BHARAT!!!! so so happy for you!!

    do share all the details when you can later on!!!

    more power to your team! 

  6. Bharat I regularly check your FB page and short stories… if you are interested in expanding to Ahmedabad…buzz me..

  7. Thankyou will get back to you soon. 



  8. Thankyou Asha 🙂 

  9. Congrats

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