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Is housie (housey/bingo) game considered gambling ??


       I have a very simple question to ask and that is on popular game which we all have played for sure…HOUSEY also know as housie and in some countries know as bingo 

If some one organised this game on tv for commercial purpose where in someone needs to buy tickets in exchange on prize, then will it fall in Indian gambling act ? should there be any age restriction on it ? or it will be considered legal.



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  1. Hey Manan – this completely depends on whether you can classify Bingo as a game of skill or game of chance. If you think there’s at least 60% or more skill involved, then you can possibly charge users to play and win cash in return as long as all other Indian legalities are also complied with. An example – chess is a 100% game of skill and betting on a coin flip is a 100% game of chance. Hope this helps.

  2. hmmm got it Harsh .. Thanks 

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