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Is there any startup friendly Payment Gateway?


I am Co-Founder of QREOH, a crowdfunding platform for designers. After 10 months into the venture, I feel lost on whether its even possible to build the platform in India, without someone powerful from the Industry behind me. The reason I say this, is because I am finding it impossible to get a payment gateway which actually works without having a full time person running behind them.

Most of them don’t even want to talk to me as soon I use the word crowdfunding. They think the model is too risky. The few that talk are so slow that I have to switch as at their pace it would take 1 year to get stuff done.

Because of my work, I have had the opportunity of working with Recurly, Stripe, Balanced, etc. I cannot behind to say how easy they are to signup and use. Customer support is great and their API is something you will fall in love with if you are a developer.

Here, its such a pain. And the stupid sales guys. Why are they hired? They have no idea what they are doing. They slow down a startup by a mile. For the last 6 months I have been going from one payment gateway to another just to be delayed. They take 15 days to tell me they need a better scan. They take the next 15 to tell me to update the date, and it goes on… What weird is that I hear excuses like, “he just went for lunch”, “he is talking to another client”, “he is busy, call back karwa de?” WTF!

Has anyone been through a similar experience. And is there any payment gateway which can work with a startup. Fast and Robust!



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  1. shirsendu,

    if you use the search feature (“payment gateway”) you’ll come across two VERY HELPFUL POSTS (check each and every response!)

  2. Thanks Asha for the pointers. I had read them. I even commented on one. 🙂 They are helpful. I want to know what is the current scenario. All I see is Innovation being stifled by businesses who don’t want to change with evolving periods.

    Any help from the Rodinhood community would be highly appreciated.



  3. Yo Troy, trying to jump into the conversation quickly, lets get on a call so that i can help you. 
    I am the Co-founder of mYwindow ( ) and i think i can be able to help you.

    You can reach me here or mail me at 
    Hoping to speak to you soon

  4. looks very very interesting. Dropping you a mail right away.


  5. Thanks man, i am glad u liked it. 

  6. Check out these options mentioned here for the other TRHS post in discussion for similar requirement, should be helpful to decide some or any!!

  7. Been through it, seen it all. While “marketplace” is slowly getting acceptance, “crowdfunding” and “bitcoin” are new taboos. Offlate (in last 30 days) PayU is opening up to new models. How about trying them yet again, assuming you had tried them already.

  8. Gourav, you have summed it the best. I guess you have had more experience than me dealing with payment gateways. Right now planning to use for the start because;

    1. They are a startup!

    2. They accept crowdfunding. Actually, they understand the model which matters more.

    3. They have multiple currencies.

    4. The documentation will not loose me more hair.

    Will try getting traditional gateways on the side. Atleast we can launch now.


  9. Hi,

    Check Compared: Payment Gateways in India [2014 Edition] by nextbigwhat.

    Hope it helps.

  10. thanks for the post. I was looking for payment gateway solutions as well. Asha and others have pointed me in the right direction!

  11. I had and commented. 🙂 The problem is quality of service and support for small startups. The running around is just too much.

  12. Cool! I hope you one. 🙂

  13. Hey Troy,

    the Response in script you asked for. Its on it way. We may deliver it to you by next week 🙂 

    Kudos and happy selling 🙂

  14. Please try

    I have been using it for over a year now.. no concerns… fantastic service, prompt payment.

    All the best.

  15. Prabhjot, Instamojo is real good. (I suppose they dont have Pre-orders yet? and not on app?)

    Anyhow, i would really love if you can tryout our app to sell stuff with just a link on android here. 
    Its an extremely amazing experience of selling on the go. Would love to hear you views on the app 🙂 

  16. hey shirsendu… did u get a payment gateway?

    how are things at QREOH? do update us!!

  17. Glad that you replied. 🙂 We found an awesome payment partner in Interestingly got to know them over a job offer on LinkedIn. 😀

    We launched QREOH sometime in April and did a promotional event in the month on May, which was very well received and got us the right contacts. We are now in the process of getting more awesome designers and cool products on QREOH as well as start the sales promotion.

    Do checkout and


  18. hey this is awesome – feel free to feature QREOH in our showcase! section!

  19. Hi Shirsendu,

    I totally understand your situation and thats the issue with India. I too feel that till you are funded by a big elephant you cannot bring the change.

    I had a similar issue, we have several eCommerce plans to provide to end customer. We wanted to be and end to end solution, hence wanted to tie-up with payment gateway & logistic companies.

    The typical questions they had.. what is your turn over, what product will you sell, how much business you will give. I almost spoke to all big names and as you mentioned they were stupid sales guys who were not aware about anything.

    This is strange and surprising.

    For your payment gateway did you by any chance speak to PayU, DirecPay. If not lets connect and I will be happy to help.



  20. Of course I will. Just as soon as we are ready with some fabulous products. 🙂

  21. Yes I had but they had an upfront cost which goes against our lean startup philosophy. 🙂 

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