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It is a World of Women at SILA

When SILA was launched in early 2010, we intended it to be an equal opportunities workplace, and 25% of our work force — from office to the field — has consisted of women. As we push into the prominent months of 2016, we are also pushing towards making it 50% on the field, for we have already managed to achieve so in our work spaces.

Quoting Sarah Nadav, Men Do Need Help

Where would some of the leading organizations in this world be, without women? This world is made of up of two equal halves, both deserve the opportunities and adulation. A few of our senior management members have even gone on record to state that women have been found to be more hard working and more reliable than their male counterparts.

Throughout SILA companies, the key positions have been held by women and their contribution has been invaluable in taking us where we are. While Shaan Lalwani heads CM&D SILA, our accounts have been ably led by Beena Sampat, with expert assistance by consultant Beena Tanna. For our youngest and fastest company, Mr Homecare, we have had Hanna Stromgren leading business development and communications, and it is Fatema Patanwala who does it ever so well now.

Naseem Khan leads major initiatives for the human resources department at group level, while Pavitra Kulal manages administration at the head office. In Delhi, we have Sonam Chadha heading our city office while Linda Williams helps the team hold fort in Bangalore. From Stratum Consultants, we have Priyanka Asher and Janugna Desai who are now an integral part of the organization. And we have to mention Neetika Jasuja (Futurista Consultants) and Shivani Gupta (SutraHR) who help us find the right talent!

Women Empowerment on the Field

While women make up for a significant percentage across all sites pan India, we are pushing towards touching 50%, thus making SILA an equal opportunities workplace in its true sense. Our lady staffers have won us accolades and contracts, for their leadership abilities and attention to detail is stuff legends are made of.

We have women being the key professional supervisors in Mr. Homecare home cleaning teams, and we have women taking care of induction and training as well. They have won awards for high performance, and they have led by example and showcased exemplary honesty and integrity. Suman Doiphode (above) returned diamonds worth tens of lakhs at the airport, and we cannot admire her enough.

Serving Women Entrepreneurs & Leaders

In addition to having able woman managers and leaders take our companies to another level, we are proud to serve leading woman entrepreneurs — who have never failed to inspired us. From Malini Agarwal (MissMalini) to Kavita Mehta (the Red Pen), from Aanchal Malhi (professional dog groomer) to Aarti Saxena (leading shipping company), from Anshu Dorairaj (artist) to Bala Deshpande (Senior MD, NEA India), from Shubh Cheema (architect) to the leading ladies at Sanjay Puri architects and ZZ Architects.

From Meghna Gulzar to Naina Bachchan (where the names are enough), from Nonita Kalra to Shamita Singha (the names again), from Runa Damji (artist and blogger) to Dr. Sangeeta Masur — we are deeply honored to have been of service to them. It gives us strength to know that we help them focus on their work better, and an opportunity to receive their feedback to be better means the world to us. Also — we are thankful to Vandana Kriplani (NGO Set Beautiful Free) for agreeing to be present on our sexual harassment committees as a member.

And We Would Love You To Be On Board

We are always looking for the right people to join us — and it is our priority to find the right people first, get them on this fast moving bus, and then allow the flexibility for them to find the right seats. We offer growth, we offer opportunities to work on projects that are the first of its kind in the sector, and we offer the company of really smart people in our work spaces. Across Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Pune — you would find an ambitious, energetic bunch — keen on collaborating and working on the bigger picture.

You will not have extra brownie points if you are a woman, for ours is an equal opportunities workplace, and men are liked as much as women are. The point to be highlighted — there would be no discrimination and this would be one work stint you would always remember 🙂

[first published on Mr. Homecare blog]


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  1. women make awesome supervisors, what say?!

  2. High performing ones for sure! 😀 They make awesome everything!

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