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just an observation !

well today i am at a very very nascent stage of my start up. with the evolution of online communities for everything , there sure are many many communities for start ups. especially on facebook.

i have been a member of some of them ! 

a start up for me is a way of life. experimenting with ideas, and i say again ‘EXPERIMENTING’. had i known everything , it would not have been a startup. as such , we need to experiment and experiment to see what works best and it might be something very crazy. 

however, there are very very few communities that are promoting this spirit. most of these communities i have started to believe , have become a platform for someone’s hidden agenda and vested interests. the admins moderating them seems to have forgotten the focal point. 

i am writing this , because i am very very wary . entrepreneurship should not become stereotyped like education or everything else. wherein people condition ur brain and start describing do’s and dont’s . it’s great to know from people who have done something or have something really wise to say. but the advice should never ever be motivated.

i really hope that with the rise of entrepreneurship , the core philosophy of it is not altered by the so called pundits.

i am very very glad to be a part of this RodinHoods community where there are genuine people, genuine advises, genuine support and genuine well wishes. this place has just one mantra :-

“entrepreneurship , entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship”

thanks guys !

have faith , have fun !


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