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Leapfrog Moments of my Entrepreneurial Journey

This story was actually submitted as an entry to the NPC2015 contest on TheRodinhoods.

I don’t know how to define a Leapfrog moment. This term has different meaning in different individual’s life. If we generalise, it is a life changing moment for an individual.

Strangely, I have two Leapfrog moments in my life. The first Leap I took was from innocence of childhood to the world of Competition in Education. And the second is from Education to Entrepreneurship.

First Leapfrogging Moment

After the death of my father at the age of 12, I was determined in my heart to make my mother proud for the care and support she consistently strives to provide me even today. I took education as my weapon and succeeded to land up in IIT Kharagpur last year.

But soon I felt that my achievements were not enough to stand out in the crowd of exceptionally talented students of India. Fighting the never ending competition among the students was tiring for me.

Second Leapfrogging Moment

All of a sudden, around February 2015, I decided to do my first internship in a Campus based Startup Company. To my surprise, I found the work quite interesting and simple as compared to the everyday rat race behind getting 0.5 marks from every exam and assignment.
So, now I knew what I wanted to become but didn’t know how to start. And just like dreaming of some special dish and getting the same in your lunch from your mother, I came across my mentor. With his help and few more of his interns we kick-started our first Startup named “CrateWorld”.

It was strange for me to know how simple actually it was to become successful in the world of Entrepreneurship for me. I made the first post on ”The Rodinhoods” itself declaring the launch of CrateWorld in July 2015 and now the two month old StartUp does extremely well beyond everyone’s expectation. Today at the age of 19, I am proud to state myself as the Co-Founder of CrateWorld.
A statement by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam always motivates me at times when I feel demotivated.

Dream is not that you see while sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep” – Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

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  1. hi dibakar,

    i noticed you mentioned you launched your venture by posting it on therodinhoods?

    for that you would need to actually create a post in our showcase section – which we can then promote and share with everyone –

    things that you post on your own page as your status update don’t get posted on the site and are not seen in anyone’s “newsfeed” ‘coz our platform is totally different from fb 🙂

    so pls feel free to feature your venture in showcase!

    all the best!! 

  2. ps: i hope you are still studying hard at IIT Kharagpur! pls finish your degree and then take your next leapfrog moment!!

  3. Hi asha,

    It is so nice to get a reply from you. We are introducing a lot of new features in our StartUp and also another StartUp named Typical Indian where I am the CEO. I will surely love to launch the new initiative from Typical Indian in the showcase. 

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Yes I am still studying in IIT Kharagpur and my basic aim was to develop my entrepreneurial skills so that I can market my patented product myself in future. So, I have plans to design something of my own with the knowledge that I gather from IIT Kharagpur and I’ll take my next leapfrog with that product hopefully. 

    Thanks a lot for the reply :)) 

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