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Lessons from Being An Entrepreneur – Part 2

Taking Stock: Year 1

It’s been one year since I launched “ThinkShop“.

Yes, this was my second stint as an entrepreneur. But, in many ways, the experience was completely different. Unlike the last time (which was more than 13 years ago), I was no longer a starry-eyed, young man, without a care in the world. This time around, I was a wee bit wiser, more mature, and understood a little better – what lay in store for me. But even I couldn’t have anticipated all that transpired.

Here’s a quick look at how Year 1 has fared…

    • Attended a plethora of business & technology events
    • Addressed hundreds of eager listeners via workshops and talks
    • Reached out to hundreds more via press mentions and articles
    • Met with a range of interesting folks from different industries
    • Signed up a number of clients, across domains
    • Worked on multiple projects, across platforms and solutions
    • Attended dozens of workshops on a diverse range of topics
    • Made connections & exchanged cards with hundreds of people
    • Experimented with different formats in the quest for a workplace
    • Worked more hours in a day (and week) than I thought possible
    • Stayed up nights “figuring out the answers” (work-in-progress)
    • Improved self-awareness, and discovered a little about myself
    • Learned to enjoy higher highs and deal with lower lows
    • Clocked more steps on my Fitbit than I’d imagined
    • Tried out a few pilot experiments to develop products & services
    • Collaborated with a few people, but had to part ways, soon after
    • Said “No” to countless things, ideas and people (ongoing effort!)
    • Learned of a lot of things, and realized how much I still don’t know
    • Traveled to places I’d never been to, including some that I had
    • Joined in a number of family celebrations and events
    • Did not miss a single important occasion related to my children

When I look back on the year gone by, it has been nothing short of living life to the fullest – making each day count.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Would you?

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  1. This was (is) the best – Said “No” to countless things, ideas and people (ongoing effort!)


    This year I vowed not to go to ANY weddings or parties. And its awesome!

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