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How To Use LinkedIn For B2B Lead Generation

LinkedIn has been quite a buzz for a long time. But what’s all this buzz for? Let me explain it with statistics. According to a survey conducted by Oktopost (a social media management platform), more than 80% of the leads generated by social media marketing comes from the very popular LinkedIn. It is for this reason that it has a visibly strong impact on the Business to Business or B2B market. LinkedIn is a one-stop platform for professionals working in different sectors to meet at a common place and share their ideas.

LinkedIn stands out from its core competencies:

Most of the B2B companies in application development are using social media marketing strategies to generate app development leads. But is it working? The answer to this question is yes but not very. Social media marketing is not the sole strategy to generate app development leads but yes out of the many sites competing for a higher rank in this sector, LinkedIn tops the scale.

The conclusion of this analysis: Use LinkedIn for generating app development leads as a part of your social media marketing. Now the question is how do you actually implement it? If you don’t know how we have compiled a list of groundbreaking ideas to do it. And here it goes:

  1. Company Page Optimization:

The best option is to optimize your company page to generate more leads. This page will actually draw more people to visit your actual website. Your company page on LinkedIn is the first impression of your company. And as it is said, ‘ the first impression is the last impression’, so make it a grand. But how will you do it? Here’s how:

  • Use compelling Image:

Use a catchy image which is very much related to your company. It is obvious that images attract viewers more than plaintexts do. A human eye catches images quickly than normal text, so feed your customers with it. Now, this image should also be relevant to your business. It should sharply convey the goal of your business.

  • Convey a Clear Description of your Company:

The description of your company is a very crucial factor to attract visitors and potential customers. There might be a number of companies out there in the world providing services similar to your company. But what makes you stand out from the rest? Think about it and note it down. And here goes the description of your company. This unique feature of your company must be included in the description. Also, avoid any dry description of your company history and number of offices that you have. This is a complete no-no if you want to generate leads.

  • Make Recent Updates section likely to be clicked:

If you are an application development company, the recent updates section will also serve the purpose of generating app development leads. Technology is changing at a faster pace and hence the updates must be posted regularly for app development. For instance, one can include links to blog posts, infographics and more. Also, make sure the updates provide information that is likely to convert into clickthroughs.

  1. Use of Showcase Pages:

 Showcase pages are a way to generate more leads from the targeted audience. It allows a company to highlight several aspects of business and build relations with appropriate customers. This page will target a particular audience group having a similar niche. It will provide information required by this particular group only. Here are few tips to make a showcase page more compelling:

  • The showcase page name must be short so that it does not get trimmed in the header section. This will allow the visitors to view full name making it more sensible on the go.
  • Just like the company page, a showcase page must be made an attracting one so as to generate clickthroughs for application development leads.
  • It is the job of your showcase page to keep the targeted audience engaged with your company profile. Hence, use particular terms and words that are relatable to them.
  1. Use Advanced Search:

 Generating leads is a tough job. People might not come searching for your company but instead, you need to fetch right people and potential customers to your business. Here’ show to do it using LinkedIn:

  • The Advanced Search Option of LinkedIn provides a choice for targetting the right audience for your business.
  • It has an option of Advance People Search in which you can filter the search by location, company, industry, language, and others.
  • By filtering the options available, one can notice that the initial search results change according to these filters. This will help analyze a particular area or company for future prospects even better.
  • This option ultimately gives a direction to your social media marketing.
  1. LinkedIn Groups:

LinkedIn groups are a great way to interact with the business professionals and members that have niche similar to yours. Join these groups, be active and generate more leads. However, this is not easy as it sounds. The number of groups on LinkedIn are uncountable. So, the first thing you have to do is search for the group that has similar interests.

There are no restrictions on the size of the groups. It purely depends upon the business type. Do not pot for a large group just because it will have a large number of active members. Chances are that you might go unnoticed in this large group. Also, do not opt for a very small group as it will serve no purpose for your business. Choose the groups wisely. LinkedIn allows joining maximum of 50 groups.

 You can also create a group and be the moderator. Once you become the owner of a group, you gain leadership. But this is not all, you must also keep the group active so that the members don’t lose interest.

  1. LinkedIn Content Marketing:

 LinkedIn offers a great scope for content marketing. Here are tips to follow while marketing content for generating higher leads:

  • Getting featured on Channels:

You can generate more leads for your business by getting featured on channels. But what are the channels? Channels are nothing but the categories that users follow based on their interests. Most of these have a high number of followers and hence it can help your business grow by driving more and more customers.

  • Give a good Content:

What is a good content? It is found through research that data-driven content is more likely to be shared and appreciated

  • End the Post with a good CTA:

A Call to Action is a must for any post. Do not leave your article or content with a very long paragraph. Instead, write a strong and relative call for action at the end. This will ultimately fetch more visitors to your website’s landing page.

Benefits to IT Firm:

Now, we have discussed enough how B2B’s can generate more leads using LinkedIn. Let’s carry this forward to understand what LinkedIn has to offer to IT firm.

IT is the most booming industry these days. With the upcoming trends like cloud computing, artificial intelligence(AI) and big data, the IT industry will grow significantly in near future. This means the competition is more in this sector. IT firms will require fighting tooth and nail in order to stand out from rest and create a strong position in the market. While there are a number of ways to do it, LinkedIn, as mentioned is one of the alternatives. When you talk about digital marketing or social media marketing, LinkedIn is the best source. And guess what, you can receive all of the above-mentioned advantages as a social media marketing strategy of your IT firm.

Well, that’s a good news for IT department. Isn’t it? Please comment your opinions below. For further queries, visit our official website. Please feel free to mail us or contact us.

About author:

Hardik is freelance digital marketer having 2+ years of experience in SEO and digital marketing channels. check out the latest work from his here on WhatsApp status video download diary.


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