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What to Do When a Live Chat Visitor Is a Bit Too Casual?

Bit by bit, the Internet has slowly transformed into a place that offers fast, real-time information on the go. Nowadays, all we need is a smartphone and we are set to start the search. Therefore, eCommerce appeared to ease our shopping troubles.

Previously, we used to have only three channels for getting valuable information. Sending a message via an email, talking over the phone with a sales representative or going in person were our only options. However, engaging with a real person online and receiving precise answers immediately is now possible through the use of live chat support systems.

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The Importance of a More Personalized Live Chat

An online chat software provides instant access to customer service for improving the customer’s experience. According to statistics, 53% of customers would prefer to use an online chat tool, while a live chat has the highest satisfaction rate at 73% compared to other used channels.

In addition, 44% of consumers say that having a live chat agent to answer their questions in the middle of a purchase is the most important feature a website can offer. So, it’s safe to conclude there are numerous benefits business experiences by implementing this useful tool.

The magic of flexibility of chats allows support agents to offer assistance. Nevertheless, visitors can sometimes get carried away with the service and forget they are chatting with a professional business employee.

The truth is no matter the quality of the chat service, agents can’t please every individual and fulfill their high expectations, especially regarding casual conversations. Clearing customer’s doubts and improving the shopping experience is their job, but how to handle clients who are overstepping boundaries?

How to Manage Difficult Clientele

Although live agents are trained to be more empathetic, they work based on provided scripts and common scenarios for clearing obstacles and engaging customers in a friendly manner. The key features of the best chat personnel practice are resolving issues and effectively dealing with difficult visitors.

That being said, there are several real life scenarios managers can prepare their agents for. From aggressive clients to overly chatty ones and individuals who think they know better, the online chat can occasionally become too difficult to handle.

Here are four examples of casual visitors and how to manage difficult customers.

1. Online Harassment

According to a Pew Research Center survey, 40% of Internet users have experienced online harassment. Moreover, adults between 18 to 29 years of age are more frequently subjected to harassment, which includes most of the customer service representatives on entry-level positions.

Inappropriate behavior often includes flirting, excessive use of unfitting compliments, asking personal questions about one’s personal life or sexual preferences, and even exposing nude images to a live chat agent.

The problem occurs because agents are expected to be friendly and polite at all times. However, these issues can’t go away by laughing your problems into oblivion. They need to be properly managed as provocations and harassment should not be tolerated.

The best way to deal with this situation is to try to keep the visitors on the topic, and if they refuse to talk about the issues concerning the product or service, just pass the chat onto a supervisor.

For example:

Agent: Hi, how may I help you today?

Customer: Wow, you are way too beautiful to be single. Do you have a boyfriend?

Agent:  I see you have some concerns about your purchase, how may I assist you regarding this issue?

Customer:  You should go out with me. C’mon gorgeous, we could have a good time together.

Agent: What issues are you experiencing with your recent purchase?

Customer: Will you go out on a date with me?

Agent: It seems there are some issues with our communication, would you like to be transferred to my manager?

Customer: No, I want you. Go out with me!

Agent: I am now transferring you to my supervisor. Have a nice day!

2. Angry Customers

Some visitors lack patience, so instead of asking politely, they insult the customer service, as they need to express their anger to anyone willing to listen. Nonetheless, live agents shouldn’t get irritated and fall to provocations. They need to remain calm and composed. Address the issue in a professional manner. The way to deal with this situation is to detect problems causing the customer’s aggression and apologize while offering a solution.

3. Complaining Customers

There are customers who notice every single detail, such as that the color of the product or the material is not similar to the one presented on the website, stain on the package and so on. Though he might have an issue, the visitor’s main focus is to complain and talk with the manager. The proper way to deal with this type of customer is to avoid excuses and admit the company’s fault. Offer an apology and a beneficial solution.

4. Indecisive or Impatient Visitors

Very often customers don’t realize they are being too vague and indecisive with their issues. No matter how much effort an agent is putting in to figure out their demands, the clients simply don’t supply enough information on specific requirements. The only way to deal with this situation in a timely and professionally manner is to point out all of the product specifics and diversities, as well as the correct use of each product.

On the other hand, there are also a lot of impatient visitors who know what they want, and they want it right away. They don’t care about the necessary requirements and the time it takes to accomplish their request. They want immediate results.

So before things escalate, an agent should calmly explain why the process takes time and assure them that the product will arrive as quickly as possible. Also, an agent should mention how much he appreciates the client’s patience and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

A live chat software is the business chat tool that attracts and helps customers for a better online experience. It provides a quick solution to any problems or questions, as well as a chance to get more informed about the product or service.

However, resolving issues isn’t an easy task and may take a bad turn, so it is important to know how to deal with different type of visitors when the conversation slips from the main topic. Though well-crafted scripts are the best way of learning, sometimes it takes more than a steady composure to handle overly casual customers.


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