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Locat’r – Find anything you’re looking for!

  • Car stopped in the middle of the road – need to find a mechanic who can reach quickly?
  • Don’t know where is the closest ATM?
  • Looking for a decent coffee shop around?
  • Need to find a medicine store quickly?

We all come across such situations. Install Locat’r on your smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Tablet and you will never feel lost or helpless! (Available on Play Store | iTunes)

What does Locat’r do?

  1. Helps you find 96 types of services around you.
  2. Shows important information about the service providers such as address, contact number, website and G+ profile.
  3. Shows map and drive direction.
  4. Shows image gallery to help you get an idea about the place.
  5. Shows how previous customers rated the service provider.
  6. Allows you to read reviews.

Want to try it? Install it from Play Store or iTunes. Open the application and type what you are looking for in the search box. It will show you list of service providers around you. And it’s just a matter of few taps and swipes!

Dear Rodinhooders,

At Innofied, we have an internal lab where we keep testing new ideas and encourage all the team members to develop new apps and games. This helps us brush up our skills and allows us to serve our clients better. Plus, it adds more feathers to our portfolio.

Locat’r is our latest product. Could you please try it and give your feedback?


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  1. Nice

  2. Before I try this and become biased, just wanted to know how is it different from Google Maps / Just Dial / Localscope ?

    Also from where are you getting the services data? As far as I know, there are only a few data providers like Yellow Pages, Openstreet Maps etc. if you are building the data on your own its going to be a humongous task! Make sure you have a backend for service providers to add / edit their business listings.

    Will try the app sometime and post feedback 🙂 all d best .. This avenue sure has lot of scope if executed correctly!

  3. Thanks for your reply, Jitendra. Basic functionality is not much different.

    Few things:

    1. Locat’r works across the globe.
    2. Locat’r shows closest service providers only, within an area of 5km radius only. If no service provider is located in that area, it does not show anything.
    3. It is available on Android and iOS.

    The app gets data from Google. We are not building data, however, an option for the service providers to add their service sounds good. Thanks for the idea!

    Please, please try the app and share your experience. 

  4. Received lots of mails and messages. Glad that I wrote about Locat’r here on Trhs; got to know what people liked, problems they faced, what they expected. Great insights. Rodinhoods made it easy for us.

    Here is the summary of what people said. Sharing here so that everybody can understand the power of Trhs Showcase.

    1. Feedback: On HTC mobile, sometimes it says Locat’r stopped working.
      Our Response: We are working to fix this, the issue is nearly resolved.
    2. Feedback: When there is no service to show, it does not show any message. Could not understand whether no service available or the app was not working.
      Our Response: Locat’r shows service providers within an area of 5km radius. Think we need to show this or give an option to extend the area. Thanks for this feedback.
    3. Feedback: While entering text in the search box, did not find any submit button. Was looking for a Send/Submit option something similar to what we have on WhatsApp.
      Our Response: Hmm…will consider this in the coming version. Stay tuned.
    4. Feedback: Not much different from Google Map; but liked the simplicity.
      Our Response: Thankssss!!!
  5. hey thanks for this saikat! i keep telling folks to write testimonials to give us feedback how posting on trhs or any content of trhs or any rodinhooder has helped you. it helps us understand what we can do better and what features we should promote more!!!


  6. Saikat,

    A Fortune 500 Company has contacted me for your app.

    Please contact me asap –

  7. Saikat, Try removing the apostrophe from your App name. Many people might not be able to find it.

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