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Looking for ‘Brief Funding’ for a VR/AR based startup (Aviation & Aerospace)


Cabin/LOPA Configurator

Dear All,

This is my debut post here and also the very first request for funding since our start-up formation.


ZyenaLABS is a young start-up based out in the UK and India. We provide innovative solutions using Interactive/VR/AR as the core technologies exclusively for Aviation & Aerospace Industry to help in Product Marketing, Cabin/LOPA Configuration and Cost effective Maintenance & Engineering Software (MRO for Airline Start-ups and Small Fleet Operators only)

In September 2015 –  we started our operations formally and from the very first day we focused entirely on developing a sustainable business by marketing our solutions, constant networking with clients, visiting industry events and speaking with the experts to find out the real gap where could enhance further our products & solutions.

Fortunately since day one we had a good traction and that led to number of further prospects including companies like (Etihad, Swissair, Bombardier, Latam Air, Lufthansa and many others)  where we have several signed NDA’s already for every product of ZyenaLABS.

Our flagship product “Cabin-X’ for Aviation,Aircraft & Seating Manufacturers: (Alpha release)


Funding Requirements:

Until May 2016, we bootstrapped effectively and finally we signed a good contract with an Aerospace client to develop an iPad based interactive product catalog which we successfully delivered very recently and the client is happy to extend further into a new project.

In last 2 months, things started to move on rapidly as lot of requirements started to show off and now we see a genuine need for a brief funding to meet some basic expenses pro-actively like travel, hire resources and right infrastructure.

I’m looking at USD 50 to 75K funding and ready to offer @ 10% equity. I would be comfortable in sharing our business deck, product prototypes and required financials directly to the email of interested investors and happy to have a call.

I’m in Chennai currently and could be reached at:

I thank TheRodinhoods for this wonderful platform to share our posts and look forward to connect with all the wonderful members.

Really appreciate any advice or suggestions.

Best Regards,





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