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Looking for a Tech Co-Founder

Dear Rodinhooders,

I am working on something in the Medical Vertical, I am a Sales Man and have been selling since 2005, Technology to me is like Lassi (I know what it is made of, but i cant make it), looking for a Tech Co-Founder, who knows how to make Lassi 🙂

I am based out of Delhi and plan to run operations in Delhi NCR for some time, about 60% of the work (back-end) has been completed, I would love to share more details about the idea, however in person, but my idea qualifies the basics:

Will it solve a problem: Yes

Will it make a difference in people’s life: Yes

Is it scalable: Yes

Does it fall in generic E-Com Category: No, we wont burn “CASH” on discounts to acquire customers.

Is it recession proof: 100%

Write to me on or +91 9911991556 is the number to reach.



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  1. hi akshay, 

    if you add your twitter handle at the end of your post it would help me mentioning it while tweeting 🙂

    ps: like the lassi part!!

  2. take my advice, build your own prototype.  Don’t know coding? well, I’m sure you learnt a lot of things in your life, you can learn that too.  You will need atleast a working prototype to convince other talented folks to join in, whether tech or not.  No one wants to work on someone else’s idea – not if they have a great deal of trust or confidence in the person (not necessarily the outcome). money follows people, not ideas.  your idea is not lassi, it is dahi, you need execution first to make it anywhere close to being lassi.

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