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Major Ways by Which Coworking Spaces Inspire Collaboration and Innovation

If you are a startup entrepreneur, then there are maximum chances that your business is small and you are operating on a shoe-string budget. During the initial phase of launching your startup, there are several challenges which will come in your way. So, adequate inspiration, collaboration and innovation would help you in overcoming a lot of hurdles and challenges that you face in that phase. It is obvious that if you opt to work alone or with a small group, then you are certainly limiting yourself as a professional and also your venture. The more ideas, interactions and thinking is involved in a business it would lead to more of creativity and innovation which eventually turn your venture to be successful and profitable. The coworking spaces are the perfect setting for the startups to operate as there are several dynamic entrepreneurs and their teams operating from under the same roof. The coworking spaces become a meeting ground for several teams which facilitates the exchange of ideas and experiences that eventually help the startups to grow. The coworking spaces help the members in gaining a lot of inspiration and also witness fantastic collaborations happening in the coworking spaces.

Coworking space

Coworking is most of the times referred to as a new notion but this is just a myth. Coworking has been believed to be effective since ages. If we refer to the pages of World History, we witness that in the fifteenth century Florence, the sculptors, painters, engineers, architects and scientists used to gather in a common place to work together. These were referred to as the Renaissance Bottega workshops. All these talents use to gather in the workshops for learning together from the master teachers. Also, they used to collaborate, compete and eventually improve their respective skill sets. The bottegas ideally created environments which encouraged higher levels of discussions amongst the various groups which eventually helped the gathered individuals to convert their fascinating ideas into practical actions. All these interactions would effectively lead to higher levels of innovation.

The modern coworking spaces are an extension of these collaborative working of the previous centuries and thus its affectivity is time-proven as well. There are several examples where the coworkers collaborate, innovate and work harmoniously. Here are few ways which showcase collaboration and inspiration in coworking spaces.

  • Networking with like-minded entrepreneurs and the prospect of bagging new clients
    The startup teams which operate from the best coworking spaces receive an opportunity of cross-pollinating with several other creative and smart professionals who are engaged in many different projects. By networking with the bright professionals from diverse backgrounds, the members of a coworking space come to learn a lot of new stuff, brainstorm on various issues and get solutions for the same etc. The informal access to these talents in the office environment opens up new prospects like bagging new clients, collaborating mutually to launch a new project etc.
  • Employment & Recruiting
    While operating from a coworking space, the entrepreneurs have access to several other bright talents operating from the same place. Thus, there have been several instances when the freelancers who operate from the coworking spaces bag new projects. This is a win-win situation for the freelancers who receive new projects and also for the entrepreneurs looking forward to expanding their teams. The entrepreneurs often get easy access to several bright talents which save them from the tedious process of traditional hiring.
  • Collaboration and innovation
    The like-minded professionals who operate from a coworking space often collaborate and this gives birth to several promising projects. When different talents collaborate, the culmination is usually fantastic. So, the trends reveal that the works done in a coworking environment are more efficient and there are also chances of receiving a lot of inspiration from each other’s accomplishments. Moreover, there are increased chances of receiving more and more projects/works due to the close proximity.
  • Advice and learning
    There is a great benefit of operating from a coworking space because you receive a lot of valuable advice and also learning from the professionals around you. When you are a startup entrepreneur or a freelancer, you obviously face a lot of hurdles and challenges in your projects every other day. So, you can seek advice from the other members in the coworking space at times when you are struck. Also, there are prospects of learning a lot of things from others. This is the most obvious benefit of operating from a coworking space.

All the major cities in India do have coworking spaces in the present times. So, if you are in a business which can probably benefit from the collaboration, discussion, learning opportunities and networking, then you should certainly weigh the option of operating from a coworking space in your city. Undoubtedly, the benefits that you receive are many. The well-organized coworking spaces successfully create an environment which inspires a lot of innovation and provides the right zeal to achieve a lot every single day. So, if you have not yet tried a coworking space, then this is high time you try one.


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