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Are You Making the Most of Live Chat Transcripts?

So you have got live chat software embedded in your website to help your customers throughout their buying process. You even track and measure the visitor data, analyze the reports timely and take appropriate actions based on it.

But, you still feel that your conversion rates and sales numbers have not increased to the level that you expected at an initial stage.

The visitors on your website are asking way too many questions about even the basic things that you feel are self-explanatory, abandoning their shopping cart even after getting help from your chat agent and it’s becoming tough to coach your customer service teams.

Sounds familiar?

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The missing link that would connect your business with a better user experience and higher profits is the proper analysis of your live chat transcripts. Many businesses do not undertake it, while those who do are not able to harness the full potential of these transcripts and merely use them for training their chat agents.

Let’s find out how to make the most out of your live chat transcripts in the following sections.

Importance of Live Chat Transcripts

Everyone knows the importance of analyzing data in order to gain insights into any business process, and customer support is no exception. Although, whenever one thinks about “data analysis”, they impulsively focus on the factual and readily-measurable “quantitative” data while its complicated twin “qualitative” data is usually ignored.

Quantitative chat analytics include metrics such as visitor details, agent response time, chat rating, chat duration etc. These must be monitored to improve the conversion rate of your website and are indispensable.

But qualitative data is equally crucial despite being not as easily measurable as its counterpart. It is instrumental in helping you better understand what the customers want and feel about the website during their journey through the sales funnel.

Live chat transcripts are vital because they are a valuable source of rich qualitative data on user behavior. Frequent and meticulous analysis of these transcripts would provide business intelligence beyond your regular analytical reports.

They let you know the common problems and doubts faced by a majority of your users that stop them from spending their money on your website. Analyzing these problems and taking corrective actions would significantly make your website more user-friendly and would ultimately lead to a higher conversion rate. And of course, transcripts are the key to train your chat agents and convert them into chat superheroes.

Here’s a detailed view of what you gain from paying attention to this qualitative data.

Make the Most of Live Chat Transcripts

1. Improve User Experience

When you study these chat transcripts, you can observe the areas where users are facing major challenges. You not only get to know the specific web pages from where live chat is triggered the most number of times but, also the exact problem that they are facing.

For example, after adding products to their cart they may not be able to apply a discount coupon or enter their shipping details, for which they needed customer support. Simply modify your website to alleviate such common problems and your users will love you even more!

2. Create a FAQ Section that Actually Helps Users

There is no better way to learn about the specific queries and reservations that users have regarding your product or company than live chat archives. While going through the chat history of users you can identify frequently asked questions and compile them together on your FAQ page or even on the page where they get the doubt. This lets the users get clarity about the product that translates as better conversion rates,

3. Write a User-friendly Website Copy

Instead of writing a FAQ section on commonly asked queries, why not optimize the content itself to make it easily understandable for the visitors? Chat transcripts give you access to customers’ vocabulary or the words they use to express their concerns, that you can use to connect with them better.

4. Coach Agents and Establish Best Practices

Live chat transcripts let you monitor and analyze your chat agents’ performances. You get to know their strong and weak areas, and based on that, you can give them feedback to improve upon as well as establish best practices that need to be followed by other agents too.

5. Personalize Client Interactions

Whenever you need to interact with a particular customer, ensure that you have gone through their chat transcript. This will provide you with fodder to transform your boring stock communication into a personalized interaction. Such conversations that contain specific details of a previous correspondence convey to the users that you care about them and strengthen customer relationships.

Live Chat Transcript Analysis Method

Simply follow these basic steps to get valuable insights from your chat history archives.

Step-1: Download the transcripts
Make sure that your live chat for website software saves chat history and allows you to download it. If you are using ProProfs Live Chat just log in to your chat dashboard and click on “visitor chat” under the transcript tab.

Step-2: Organize transcript data in a spreadsheet
Remove all irrelevant chats that don’t go anywhere. Put data in an excel sheet under following headers-

  • Chat ID: Unique for each chat
  • Customer details: Name, age, sex of customer
  • Product Name: Especially important in case of multiple products
  • Category: Divide your data based on specific areas like- general doubts, order details etc
  • Personal Quotes: Put actual words used by customers that you deem important
  • Summary: What are the positive and negative takeaways from the whole chat?
  • Action Points: What needs to be done based on this chat?

Step-3: Sort data category-wise
Identify the top three or four categories that have the most number of data entries. These are the primary pain points that your customers are facing and must be given immediate attention.

Step-4: Generate word cloud
Now, copy the real quotes of all chats in the top categories into a word file and then paste the whole compilation into a word cloud generator (just search one online). You’ll get to know the vocabulary that your customers are using while interacting. Incorporate these words in your web copy to connect more with your users.

Step-5: Review individual transcripts
It helps you identify the performance of your chat agent and find specific pointers where they need to work on. You also get to find out best practices for greeting customers, asking questions etc that you can circulate within your team.

Analyzing and reviewing each and every live chat transcript that your chat software records can be really intimidating to even think about. No wonder most businesses often save their necks and keep at a safe distance from this practice.

But once you overcome the prejudice and actually carry out this qualitative analysis, the results are worth the effort!


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