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Marketing and Business Development for Startups


This presentation talks about the importance of marketing and business development activities for startups. How a startup is different from a well established company & what tools, triggers, techniques and hacks can be used to market your product /service offering. Numerous examples have been taken to illustrate the importance of marketing and business development in initial days of a startup.

This is my first presentation on Rodinhoods. Please share your feedback. Thanks.

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  1. Hi Anurag,

    Great deck, bit difficult to follow at times without some more commentary but got the general gist. 

    One thing I thought  was missing was info about emailers and SMS. We feel that both are more intimate and effective forms of interaction with users that naturally result in higher conversions, and both are cheap and available for Startups to gain some significant loyalty. Coupondunia seems to utilize emails very effectively! However we had a meeting with a social media agency the other day that said emailers in India are extremely uneffective… If you could share a few words on the strategy behind these levels of interaction and if there are any ways you were able to use these for initial acquisition. 


  2. Print media more effective with higher conversion rates.

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