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Million2Moon @TeamIndus

Thank you Alok, Asha and TheRodinhoods for this forum to engage with your entire network. It was an awesome experience interacting with all of you during our talk at BSE on the 16th of January.

As promised we’re sharing our campaign #Million2Moon here – so that a part of you can be immortalised in this galaxy! Read on to find out how…

[Tip – If you are browsing via a mobile device, click on the IN logo (linkedin) and directly view this deck on slideshare. The UX is much better 🙂 ]

TeamIndus is India’s only entry for the $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE (GLXP), an unprecedented competition to challenge and inspire entrepreneurs from around the world to develop low-cost technology for space exploration. We are developing a privately funded Spacecraft capable of soft landing on the Moon by 2017, a feat previously accomplished only by Russia, US & China – global superpowers with massive resources deployed specifically for those missions – – while this remains a very complex engineering effort, the spirit and audacious nature of the endeavour makes it stand out and resonates with wide range of enthusiasts, followers, supporters.

We believe, something as prestigious as landing the Tricolor on the Moon is a goal, which belongs not just to us, but the whole of India. We are at a unique time and place where small committed teams can now do what was previously possible only by large governments – when such a feat is accomplished entirely out of India, that will truly be “the next billion’s giant leap”

We almost visualize this as a Billion Rising – an aspiration of all of India, one which impacts everyone and hopefully inspires an entire generation of dreamers and entrepreneurs to realise that they can do absolutely anything they put their minds to.

As we prepare for the final push towards landing the Tricolor on the Moon, we’ve launched a campaign which will enable all our believers, followers & supporters to join this movement #Million2Moon.

We want this to be a mission of each and every Indian and urge you to come forth and Power India to the Moon.

Please click here to “Send your Name to the Moon” inscribed on a cube, aboard our spacecraft.

Look forward to all of you joining the Million2Moon Movement and sending your name and those of your friends and family to the Moon.

Let’s get together to place the Tricolor on the Moon. 

Mark this date for when we launch our spacecraft!! – and stay tuned for more ..




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  1. hi sheelika,

    thanks so much for coming all the way from b’lore to be a part of our OH – everyone got goosebumps. and i know for a fact that you made each one of us feel like a very proud indian!!!

    i will start sharing this over social media and will certainly be sending my family & friends’ names to the moon. i will also check out your crowdfunding link and give you feedback on that as well 🙂

    [cursor glance feedback – it would be nice to see how much you intend to raise and how much money you have already raised – the way most crowdfunding campaigns show the figures – that becomes an immediate connect with all the contributors :))]


  2. Thanks Asha and therodinhoods!!! Look forward to all of you Powering India to the Moon and joining the Million2Moon Movement! 

  3. hey sheelika, 

    is there a last date to contribute to the million2moon campaign? maybe we should mention it in the post?

  4. hey sheelika,

    just read this in the ET!

    many congrats – would love to hear an update on million2moon!

    with one year left to go you guys must be in overdrive!!


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