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Modern Spinning Wheel -Aaj ka Gandhi Ji ka Charkha

The spinning wheel (Chakha) went out of fashion with the death of Gandhi Ji. But now time has come to reinvent the wheel (spinning wheel). The spinning wheel gave its users multiple intangible benefits, in addition to tangible benefit of  getting a small quantity of cotton yarn. The spinning wheel provided a much needed sense of doing meaningful work to its users, mostly old people and women. On completion of the spinning work, it gave a sense of achievement to the user. It also taught a sense of purpose, goal setting and its achievement. In fact, it provided meaning and all the benefits of meaningful work to the person spinning the wheel while promoting healthy living through physical exercise.

It is meaningful work which the common man craves for in modern life. The absence of physical work make the lives of millions of people meaningless. That is why modern life is sometimes called an empty life. We can use a ‘Modified Modern Spinning Wheel’ (MMSW)  to bring health and happiness to millions of people and save our planet also.

The MMSW should be designed to produce the most sought after commodity of modern world, electricity in place of cotton yarn. The MMSW should be a small electricity generator capable of producing electricity when a person spins a wheel with his hands or feet as is done while cycling. The electricity so produced should be either used to charge a battery of car, laptop, mobile phone, a lamp or a fan to be used later on when required. Thus providing free, clean electricity to millions of around the globe at no cost to the planet or its scarce resources  A meter should be provided to enable the user to keep a track of electricity so produced by him to enable him to set goals and get a sense of achievement. 

It should also be possible to connect the MMSW to a smart electricity grid to enable the user to sell electricity to the grid to either earn valuable income or to get free electricity back for use in his household later on.

A properly designed MMSW will thus be able to eradicate unemployment from the world and help in reducing global warming as well as global depression.

Let us all join hands to invent an amazing MMSW.


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