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Monkey Baba (, Launching Today !

Hello folks,


Hope you are doing good. 


I am super excited. It’s finally happening. The day I have been waiting for a very long time.

Today is the day… the big launch of an idea that stole my mind, heart and soul, the thought that made me restless and refused to keep me at peace until I started working on it.

This day will be definitely one of those few days of my life that I would cherish until I breathe my last. I am not sure how to begin but here we go…Let me tell you, why I wanted to work on this idea.

I had more than few reasons to work on a project like Monkey Baba… but if I have to be brutally honest with you, I must admit, I have always been a 75 % in my life. My score in 10th, 12th standards of school education and Undergraduate Engineering education was about 75%. Fortunately, my Master’s was a research degree which had to be either a ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’, if it were graded, it would have been a pass with no more than 75% because that is how much I was into these things.

Nevertheless, I have always wanted to give my 100% on something

–          that gives me happiness 100%

–          that makes me live my life 100%

–          that motivates me 100%

–          that makes my life meaningful 100%

& that 100% is Monkey Baba to me.

Education in other words is pursuit of knowledge. The knowledge that would make one a better social being and excel in their chosen career path.

You decide your mode of education: be it traditional ‘under the roof’ , ‘in between the four walls’ of a campus based learning or be it technological ‘your own time’ , ‘device’ mode learning, Monkey Baba provides you solutions.

Try exploring information on the ever growing list of education institutions from all over the world, the courses they offer along with any scholarships that would aid your education in a campus. Or wait for few more weeks until we launch a place for you to learn the courses in your favourite subjects offered by education institutions from all over the world.

Personally, I can assure you that Monkey Baba will offer you a plethora of education resources and learning materials to quench your thirst for knowledge.

You can pose a question to the education services provider; collaborate with other likeminded individuals and education consultants; access information on the latest educational events, exams or scholarships; explore information on various education institutions from all around the world. Choice is yours.  

In short, Your Education. Is. Our Vision.

Please visit Monkey Baba and let me know what you think.

I will be more than happy to work on your suggestions so please do not hesitate to write to me if you want any feature that would enhance your experience. You never know, we might name it after you :). Do keep the ideas coming.

Finally, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for your support during this time.


Nithya Prabu.


PS: We have just launched the website and it is far from perfection, kindly bear with the glitches that you may face while browsing through the pages. Rest assured we are working towards making your experience pleasant and useful. Also, please feel free to drop me a comment or an email on anything that you are not happy about the website. 


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  1. Sounds interesting!!
    Although I could not see your website(office desktop 🙁 ) your venture looks great from what you have written. All the best Nithya!

    P.S- I loved the name. It’s cool. monkeybaba!

  2. Hi Nithya ,

    All the best for your venture , the monkey’s look cute but its vary important to design your layout with smaller screens in mind the no of ipad’s is only going to increase you can consider stacking columns one below the other instead of side by side(so that no scrolling is needed) , the monkeys can be adjusted as a background image to save some precious space.

  3. Thank you very much, Tejas. Please take a look at the website when you can and let me know your thoughts 🙂 Thanks again.

  4. Thank you for your kind words, Swapnil. 

    As you may know the website is in alpha phase; we have a very long way to go in terms of developing the concept as well as technically 🙂 and sure I will keep your opinion in mind and pass it on to our team. Thanks again. 

  5. My suggestion :- You must take feedback from students by visiting few universities and colleges & conducting workshops or events . This will give u upper edge.

    All the best.

  6. Thank you, Manish. Yes, that is in our agenda, will try and reach as many students as possible. Thanks again, Nithya.

  7. good interface ..!! nice work ,Really good and diversified classification , But lack in data I mean i am ,, searching my fav. uni to go and then getting no info getting msg we cant find any banana , cont. 3-4 time ,  , also lack of interaction .i mean if i have something to council there is just one comment box ? need improvement here and finally thing i found wired is that u have very good ajax system throughout ur site but dont have jquery or ajax at overview , courses , reseach , and photo gal. ? and lack of search box , have keyword based search box after selecting country or some categories  … BUT AGAIN DON’t get me wrong , I loved your site , just dont let 10% of not done work over shadow your 90% of effort .. 

  8. Nitish, first of all, many thanks for your wonderful words. I am really glad you liked the website. You are absolutely right about the following:

    1. Interaction: yes, the discussion forum (engage) platform is still under development, once its completed, I believe this will look better. Nevertheless, may I please ask you; what sort of improvement you think is needed here? or in other words what sort of feature would enhance interaction in this place? I ask you this because we are planning to open a place for people to talk to each other, ask questions about institutions et all. It will be really wonderful if you shed opinion on the same perhaps it would be better than our initial thoughts.

    2. Data: I must admit we are yet to upload a lot of data in to the website, list of Indian Universities, list of education consultants for instance is not even mentioned in the website. But we are working on those data. Also , I have personally made every effort to cover as many Institutions/Universities/Colleges in India as possible and this was intentional because – collecting information about Indian institutes was very challenging. As far as the list of foreign institutions are concerned my initial preference was to target only the top/popular Universities amongst Indians and then gradually cover the rest. So for the above reasons if your University is not in our database please feel free to email me or comment the name of the Universities and I will make sure it gets added to our list.

    3. Search Filters: we are continually working on this; we actually have a lot of courses classification and the number of courses in the database amounts to approximately 75,000. Each of this course is mapped to their respective subjects and sub-categories; like Engineering – Marine, Mechanical et all and where possible we are trying to offer further classifications. So the filters will have a lot more work on this. With respect to search box, yes that’s a very very good point -taken. I shall pass on your comments on this to our development team straight away. 

    Finally, my heartfelt thanks for encouraging our team with your kind words, please at any point of time feel free to share your thoughts/comments/views on the website and ways to improve it.

    Thanks again,
    Nithya Prabu.

  9. would you like to know security issue of your website ?

  10. Yes please, may I request you to email me or send me a private message on the same? Thank you.

  11. I’m sorry but I don’t understand what your website actually does. Education resource, and learning material are very comprehensive words. Can you explain like I’m five?

    Also, how do you plan to collect data? If I understand what you’re trying to do here, I’d say data would be the single biggest hurdle you will face here.

  12. Hello Nishant, Thank you for your interests in Monkey Baba. We aim to provide solutions via the following features in our website:

    1. Explore: where you could explore information on various education institutions available in India and some foreign countries and the courses they offer. We also provide information on various education/career related events, competitive entrance exams in India along with scholarships information available to Indians.

    2. Learn: where we plan to list the courses taught online as well as sharing learning materials like ppt, video lectures, documents et all for various subjects.

    3. Engage: is a platform that will be integrated with almost all the elements of the website that demands interaction. Users can talk to the education services provider or courses provider, discuss with fellow users and ask questions pertaining to the institution/learning materials.

    We have a data research team to collect data for the same. Yes, it is a demanding and on going task.

    I hope you find this useful.

    Thank you.

  13. Hi Nithya,

    Saw the website, looks very interesting. I recently came across, who also work in a similar space. For alpha, I’d say the information is well covered. Searched for Hyderabad and the results came quickly.

    Only one suggestion: The home page looks cramped and on one go – I cannot understand what it is trying to achieve. May be, it’s only me 🙂 Let’s also wait for other’s opinions too.

    Good luck 🙂

  14. Hi Saraswathi, Many thanks for your encouraging words. Yes, at least half of the home page contents are hidden and this is a temporary page. We will try and make it much better during our beta launch 🙂 I hope you will like it when we finish the whole page with the all the other features developed.

    Thanks again,
    Nithya Prabu. 

  15. Hi Nithya, 

    All the best for your venture 🙂 

    There is a big need to democratize information about education. You have done a great job by integrating facebook, twitter with the event and the layout is really cool 🙂 

  16. Hi Nithya

    Just saw your website. It’s really nice and so far one of its kind I have known.

    Just few suggestions can you add some more wildlife institutes apart from the two already there, if you want I can help you with the names and links of the wildlife institutes in India.

  17. Thank you for your kind words, Rahulratan. Please can you let me know the names/links of the wildlife institutes in India, we would definitely update it in our website. Thanks again. 

  18. Hi Nithya 

    I saw website yesterday it’s look great and name is very creative! i suggest one thing you can add one more section- News'( only related industry) so visitor can get some idea what’s going in that particular field/industry.  

  19. hey nithya,

    Nice idea and very impressive work.The point is the information you provided with the site is also available in public domain, if a student wants to take that information he/she can google it and will get with not much difficulty. my point is when you are doing something like that think about what more can you do in it. something i seriously want honest review of college by past students, verified placement stats, and some rating point for each college (something like zomato does it for the restaurants)

    For the alpha phase site is pretty good. some issues you should definitly consider in coming versions of site is

    1. lack of search box

    2. lack of city wise filtering (A state can have huge number of colleges) is not very aesthetically appealing looks very cluttered. i m working on 17 inch screen then i find its very cluttered. when people will use it on small screens situation will be more troublesome.

    NOTE:- nice name of the venture Monkey Baba (do share how does this name came to your mind)

    Something like that i was planned 1-2 years ago and it did not work out. have lot of ideas wanna share with you which you can include in your venture

    Best of luck for your venture 🙂


  20. mail sent

  21. Received your email, Rahul. We will work on updating these data asap. Thank you very much.

  22. Thank you very much, Jasveer. We will certainly consider that, thanks again.

  23. Hello Pradeep,

    Many many thanks for your kind words. You are absolutely right about the information being available in public domain. All the three features that you have mentioned is a part of our project plan which will be executed gradually. To answer your other questions:

    1. We are working on it and this is our first priority job.

    2. You are right about ‘City’ wise filtering. We are working on this as well.

    3. I shall definitely pass on this comment to my team because we did not face issues until recently. But we are wrong. 

    Monkey Baba – I am attaching a poster about this here; please take a look at it and let me know your thoughts on the same. 

    Ideas Sharing: Pradeep, I haven’t met you or we haven’t spoken to each other before but you are willing to share your ideas to include in our venture. This kinda emotion can be invoked only by people who are bound to win – so please plan again and try again. Good luck.

    Importantly, many many thanks for your kind words and comments. Please feel free to share your thoughts/ideas. 

  24. Hi Nithya,

    First of all Congrats and all the best for your awesome initiative. After going through your site, what I believe that you needs to add couple of features in your site like,

    1). Search filters or search box (So that individual can directly search a college, he/she looking for)

    2). Alphabetical search (separate for every country)

    3). Separate listing of Colleges for Correspondence courses.

    4). Professional Courses (like ITIL, Software testing, Networking etc.)

    I hope you find this suggestion useful.



  25. congratulations Nithya 🙂

  26. I’m with Nishant on this – honestly, I spent 7-8 minutes on the site and could not understand what you do?

  27. Alok, many thanks for your interests. I am floored 🙂

    1. Monkey Baba offers information on various education institutions and courses they offer helping students make informed decisions.

    2. Monkey Baba is striving to offer information on scholarships, exams, events available to Indian students. 

    3. Monkey Baba likes to be a platform for education services provider and education seekers to engage and collaborate on various admission/education related discussions. 

    4. Monkey Baba would offer a list of courses available online (various free courses taught by Universities all over the world).

    In the website,1&2: Explore; 3: Engage; 4: Learn – modules respectively.

    Ideally, when the website is fully developed, you could choose a field of study and Monkey Baba would list you all the institutions and the courses available to you from various countries along with Scholarships or other funding opportunities, Events, Exams available in this field of study. You can engage with courses providers and collaborate with fellow users.

    We are in very early stages of development and I really, truly hope to solve this issue as and when the website is fully developed. Right now, the home page and several other design elements are temporary.

    Thanks again. 

  28. Hello Mudit, Thank you very much for your kind words. 

    1. Search filters is our first priority job and we are working on this.

    2. Alphabetical Search: We will try and integrate this.

    3. I hope Correspondence courses and Distance learning courses are the same. You can find information on the Colleges offering distance learning courses here: Kindly let me know if I am wrong or if you have other concerns on the same.

    4. Yes, nicely spot. Our data team is working on finding training institutes offering courses on Project Management, Services Management, Information Security and on the Software, Hardware and Networking courses. We do have some listings on the Software, Networking training institutions but the filters are not rightly placed (as we are still working on this). Once that is done, I hope you would be able to find it from the website.

    Thanks again, Mudit.

  29. Thank you, Aparna 🙂

  30. Many thanks for your kind and encouraging words, Kunal. I will strive to do my best 🙂 Thanks again, Nithya.

  31. Done, Nitish. Many thanks again, Nithya.

  32. All the best 🙂

  33. Your website looks good.  You may have planned this out properly but in my opinion serious education is no monkey business. Why choose such a name instead of a more digestable company name and website.  It is just my opinion and I wish you the best in any case.

  34. Just now i see the reason why it is called monkeybaba from the infographic image you have posted.  Good work and keep it up. All the best and lots of success for your new venture 🙂

  35. Thank you, Zubair 🙂 

  36. I like the name Monkey Baba really cool. Even when were searching the name for our site I am trying to conceive our frendz to make a cool name. But….

    Well, for name u got points.

  37. Congratulations and good luck Nithya.

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