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MoojiDoo  – avatar based chat

Aren’t you tired of having plain text conversations with your close friends? MoojiDoo is here to change that. 

It’s been more than a year of experimentation and multiple failures for us. Solving problems other people face is probably not the best way to build a startup. So we went looking inside, shopping for problems we personally faced.

We chat a lot. Like everyone, we use WhatsApp. But so many times, it becomes boring. It is largely texts coming in, texts going out.
Yet the smartphone in our hands is capable of so much more. Why restrict it to just text. Why not inculcate further ways of expression?

My guess is the time WhatsApp started, the average smartphone wasn’t that powerful. They wanted to limit the functionality to let even bare-bones phone enter the network.
But times have changed — the average smartphone keeps getting more and more powerful (iPhone 7 starts at 32 GB vs iPhone 1 which was 4 GB). An opportunity has opened up for a much more engaging messaging experience. Apple probably realised this and you can see it in iOS 10.

MoojiDoo is a chat messenger built to help express yourself better by means of avatars. The premise is simple — you choose an avatar, and it mimics the emojis you send.

If you send a laughing emoji, your avatar laughs. If you send a crying emoji, it cries. If you send a gun, the avatar shoots.

Below is a video to demonstrate this.


Some screenshots:

You can download the app here.

Rodinhooders — please try the app and let us know your feedback. Any comments/suggestions welcome on


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  1. I’m very confused!

    You ASSUME that when WhatsApp started, smartphones were not developed?? Why can’t you research this fact on the web and find out what was the intent of whatsapp’s simplicity? You will be surprised…

    Hike has a 2% share in India on chat and is entirely based on stickers etc. What’s so great with what you are doing?

    Thanks for sharing your story

  2. Point taken.

    We have entered troubled waters and will most likely sink.

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