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Move from Boring to Brilliant! Powerlabs – Your Presentation Craftsmen & Content Studio

Hi Folks! i’m Rohit, the co-founder of PowerLabs, and I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to this (pretty awesome!) community.

Pressurized by Presentations?
Does your Content make you Incontinent?
Do you suffer from Presentation Poisoning?
STOP spending hours stressing over upcoming Pitches,Meetings & Conferences.

It’s time to bring your ideas back to life and find that elusive WOW FACTOR !

PowerLabs – we eat, drink, breathe, and love presentations – presentations are our passion. We help clients all over the world deliver visually stunning and effective presentations. Be it presentations for business plans, conferences and events, product showcases or anything else – if you need it designed, we’re the people to come to.

About Us:
At PowerLabs, We cure creative constipation, content diarrhea and presentation poisoning hassle-free. Working around the clock, our (slightly) mad scientists have finally found a cure to “Death By Powerpoint”.

Remember – Bullets don’t kill people. People kill people. With bad presentations.

Why Do You Need Us? PowerPoint presentations may not have actually killed anyone, but they’ve sure killed many an idea.

Every aspect of your presentation is essential to your success as a presenter, however the design of your slides is especially critical. The design of your presentation will have a major impact on whether you close the deal, win new clients, and generally succeed or fail at influencing the audience effectively.

Any presentation is an exercise in storytelling.Our team can cut through any superfluous waffle and craft an easy to follow, visual journey that both stands out from the crowd and sticks in the mind. Let us Help You Tell Your Story.

Check out some of our work: Powerlabs%20Profile_v2.pdf

So what are you waiting for ? Let’s cook up some great content ! 




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  1. hi rohit – i like the idea and can relate to death by powerpoint very well!

    why don’t you embed one of your wow ppts on the post itself to give us all an idea how you will save us from ppt death?! 🙂

    also pls add your twitter handle at the end. helps me while tweeting!

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