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Mumbai Meri Jaan, Bombay Cab Sessions Tujhpay Kurbaan

Many a talented artist in India fades away as the lack of exposure withers away the passion. In a big country like India, being popular is imperative to gaining a wide audience. Bombay Cab Sessions has been created for all musicians with a burning rage to get into the Indie music scene. It’s a series of one-song performances by musicians and poets recorded in the back of a Taxi/Cab and filmed for an internet audience.

Most of the current Indian music is driven by Bollywood. It forces commercialisation which violates the sanctity of art. Bombay Cab Sessions is meant to stir up the artists to boldly express their music and break all the barriers which have been enforced on them.

The catch here is that the artists/bands will have to perform live, in a CAB/TAXI. And, therefore, the name – “Bombay Cab Sessions”. Today it is possible to make average music sound brilliant thanks to the advances in electronic wizardry that have been made in the past two decades. But what if we strip you of this feature? The whole idea is to bring out artists and performers who can perform exceptionally well without the modern studio set-up. The best part is that we give artists ‘one take’, literally.

The sessions will be recorded while the cab that serves as the studio will travel through city streets mostly. Most of the performances will feature rock bands, individual artists and unique performers like beat boxers, for example.

Bombay Cab Sessions is a sincere effort to up the standard of music that people have been listening to. There was a time in 90′s when there were pop singers who would bring out an album which has sort of died at this point. So if not anything, Bombay Cab Sessions might be the reboot for the current music scenario.

We need your help to make this concept a reality. Check out the crowdfunding campaign on TheHotStart. Join us and be a part of this exceptional show.


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  1. Rajat, do connect up. I’m on

  2. Hi Anand. Thanks for your note. I will connect with you on e-mail.

  3. we have olacabs in the house??!!


  4. hey rajat,

    what’s the response been so far?

    love the idea of shooting in the backseat of a taxi!

  5. Hey Asha

    The concept is fantastic! We are geared up to shoot the first session next week. A teaser will be out very soon. 🙂

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