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My Yellow Plate: From an Instagram handle to going world wide web

Are you a Foodie?
Do you love to eat out?
Do you fantasize about food?
Do you love to explore new food?
Do you have more photos of food than your family and friends on your phone?

YES??? You will definitely love My Yellow Plate 🙂

My Yellow Plate was born out of my sheer love for food and travel. Being a die-hard foodie, I am always looking for best places to eat. On MYP, I discover food everywhere from streets to exotic restaurants and bring it to your feed. It’s simple. I am going places and eating on my yellow plate.

I was eating on a yellow plate at home from a long time before MYP was born. Back then I had no idea where this yellow plate came from in the kitchen, but somehow I would always choose this yellow plate to hog my food over those steel ki thalis. I was eating a lot from outside and was probably the most loyal customer of foodpanda. Very soon I realized my love for food and decided to start an instagram handle where I could share whatever I was eating on my yellow plate.

Below is the first post on MYP’s instagram handle.

65 likes and 2 comments was a big deal for me and gave me boost to continue doing it. MYP has 140+ posts and more than 5000 followers on instagram now. 🙂


What started-off as an instagram handle, soon converted into a Zomato profile and is now all set to be the ultimate food-discovery platform ( On MYP’s website, you can read restaurant reviews and discover places to eat around you. What makes MYP different from other food blogs/discovery platforms is the authenticity of the posts. All places are covered, tried and tasted before they can make it to the list/posts.  

Last month I did best momos (with a twist) and chole bhature hunt in Delhi where I went places, tried food on my yellow plate and then listed them on the blog. Links Below! 



Recently MYP got featured on BUZZ FEED INDIA. 

Louis Cole (Fun For Louis), a famous Youtuber and film marker gave shoutout to MYP on his snapchat which had over an lakh views. 

What’s next?

1) I am planning to cover 29 dishes from 29 states of India on My Yellow Plate. I have no idea how I am going to make this happen, but it’s on the list. I would love to have suggestions from TRHs community. Please let me know which state you are from and what dish must be covered from that state. Also, would you like to host MYP in your state or just say “Hi” when MYP is around? We can do a rodinhood foodies meetup as well. A lot can happen over a yellow plate of food! 

2) I am also planning to start a YouTube channel where I can share the whole “29 dishes from 29 states” journey and experiences. 

Follow my journey 
If you like the idea, show some love by following MYP on social media. 


Please do share your thoughts in the comment section. 

My Yellow Plate



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  1. vodka tandoori momos??? my hubby wants those now!! lolz

    himanshu – wow! this is really interesting. i love the name. do u watch my yellow table on ndtv good times?

    you might want to reach out to them and figure out if you can do a momos special (or anything at all!)

    innerchef’s co-founder bal dighent (balwinder singh) did a neat event with aditya bal (the chak le guy)  – cooking with bal and bal types!

    29 states – 29 dishes is a great idea. when you plan to hit goa ping me. 

    and yes, PLS MEET RODINHOODERS WHEREVER YOU GO! we have lots of foodies so you will be able to meet many folks.

    now, what will be your revenue model? i love the look & feel of your site – the wall paper is awesome 🙂 and the yellow plate really looks awesome.

    once you do a youtube channel – i think you should look for sponsors. also do a pilot and share it with good times. or food food – there are so many channels that would be interested. 

    let me share this post on my fb and tag all the foodwale rodinhooders. i’ll keep sharing ideas with you from time to time as food is close to my heart (and tummy!)

    ps: what’s with you and MOMOS ???!!


  2. These momos are too yummmm. I am sure you won’t find such amazing momos in Goa. 😀 

    Yes, I have heard of this show by Chef Kunal Kapoor. When I first saw the show I was imagining myself standing next to him with My Yellow Plate. I don’t know if that’s going to happen but it’s a great idea. I am a big fan of all these people. It would be a dream come true to get to work with them. Let’s see what future holds. 

    I am definitely going to ping you when I come to Goa (which will be very soon). 😀

    Good to hear the feedback on website. I have tried to keep it really simple and straight. When it comes to the revenue model, I have been thinking about
    1) Affiliate marketing
    2) Google Adsense
    3) Featured Posts 

    Though none of these is active on the website right now. Do you have any suggestions??

    I remember those days when I used spend my entire day sitting in front of a TV and watching all these show (HOMP, EAT STREET, Chakle India,David Rocco Dolce India, Gordan Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares) all day long. So I am excited about the YouTube channel. I hope it turns out well and people from NDTV or FOOD FOOD show interest in it. It would be like living a dream for me. 

    Haha, Momos? I am in relationship with them. Nothing makes me sad than a plate of bad momos. 

  3. we don’t get good momos here. in fact i ALWAYS remember your green chutney post coz we get some red nonsense here 🙁

    listen – your 29 states, 29 dishes would make an interesting show. write to ndtv good times. pitch it to them!!

    ALL THE BEST!! and see u in goa! 

  4. Dehradun – Famous for Chinese food & Butter Chicken from ‘The Punjabi Essence’ restaurant.

    Let me know when to do ‘rodinhood foodies meetup’ here in Doon.

  5. Himanshu!!!! I have always wondered who the Man behind My Yellow Plate would be. Jab tune start kia tha, tab specially bohot inquisitive tha mai. Dude, being a Foodie myself and being part of Food Bloggers gang and writing on Zomato and liking your posts regularly on Instagram I relate to you so much! Tere Choley Bhature trails mai mere friends bhi they when u covered some East Delhi places. Keep up the great work buddy! Would love to discuss more on a table eating great food from Delhi’s best and hidden places.

  6. LOVED the site!!! 

    My God… the Chola Bhuture made me die…

    Why cant you do a ‘food excursion’ business? I mean if there is medical tourism, why not food tourism?

    Its one simple way of taking knowledge to actionable business?

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